Sarunas Jasikevicius an option for Raptors' head coaching job

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August 14, 2018 | 4:27 am EDT Update
Lamar Odom: My last night in this amazing city! Getting ready for my next chapter in China and closing my last chapter in The Netherlands with my manager @iamzoul Had an amazing time in your hometown Rotterdam and thank you @mr2rchiang for assigning this woman to me that became like the sister I never had. The past two weeks felt great and I worked hard on my conditioning and gaining muscle strength. I have started a new healthy food program and I feel like I already gained back 50% of what I used to be during my glory times. I will continue to work hard and will share with all of you updates of my new journey. I will be back soon Netherlands!! 🧀🇳🇱🌷#teamlamarodom #nextstophongkong #bye @ninetyplusofficial

Storyline: Lamar Odom Free Agency
A year out from what could be an enormous 2019 free agency in the NBA, there are rumors about the next potential super-team. Two league sources told Business Insider that there is a buzz about the Boston Celtics’ Kyrie Irving and the Minnesota Timberwolves’ Jimmy Butler teaming up next summer, with one source saying the chatter is “substantial.” Both sources also said the New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets could be well-positioned to land the two players if they are indeed keen on teaming up.
Storyline: Jimmy Butler Free Agency
One source called the summers of 2017 and 2018 “anomalies” in the way those second- or third-tier players struggled to find long-term contracts. There were more players signing deals like Avery Bradley did with the Los Angeles Clippers this year (two years, $24 million) than Will Barton did with the Denver Nuggets (four years, $54 million). The same source believes 2019 could begin a “return to normalcy” for those players. However, several sources also cautioned against the idea of a spending spree akin to 2016. Teams have learned their lessons from some of the massive four-year deals handed out that summer that looked almost immediately regrettable, sources said. It seems unlikely, for example, that we’ll see players like Timofey Mozgov get four-year, $64 million deals.
Mike D’Antoni: “Well, at different points of people’s careers or lives or circumstances, things are different. … In New York, when they gave away half the team (to Denver in the February 2011 trade that brought Anthony to the Knicks) and everybody expected us to win a championship, it really wasn’t realistic. It put a lot of pressure on everybody, and it kind of burst the pipes. I think this is totally different. We’ve got a team that is a whole bunch of veterans that really, we’ve got one thing in mind, and that’s to win a championship, and we have the possibility. We never had a blow-up before, so it’s not he wanted to play a certain way and I kind of wanted to coach another way. “Back then, there wasn’t even analytics. I was going by my gut, and he was going by (his) gut, and it’s just, you know, styles clash. And I think now, things have changed and everybody is playing the same way. I think it’s a lot better fit and I think we have a really good chance to be really good.”