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Tyler Lydon considers this Boeheim’s Army run his final salute as a basketball player. The former Syracuse basketball forward, the former No. 24 pick of the 2017 NBA Draft, is nursing a sore right hip and a sore left knee. He needs surgery to repair both physical issues. “I’m supposed to have a surgery on my hip. I have a torn labrum and my bones are rubbing,” he said Sunday after Boeheim’s Army had escaped the Dayton Arena with another Elam Ending victory. “And then my left knee I have another torn meniscus and I have no cartilage in there. So, I’ve gotta get another surgery on that, too.”

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He re-tore the meniscus two months ago and received a cortisone injection to dull the pain so he could play in The Basketball Tournament. Sometimes, he feels the soreness, other times it’s manageable. The hip doesn’t seem to be as problematic these days. “It is what it is. Just fighting through it. This is my last time lacing ’em up so I just figured I’d come out there and have fun,” he said. “My body’s taken a toll. I’ve already had knee surgery and I need two more surgeries. It’s enough for me.”
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