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September 25, 2020 | 12:58 pm EDT Update
Murray is active at both ends of the court, too, something Calipari likes seeing from his former pupil. “The other thing he learned to do (at Kentuky) is defend,” Calipari added. “You have to guard here or I can’t play you. I can’t have one guy lose a game because you’re getting scored on left and right. You watch (Murray), his hands, his ability to block shots, his ability to stay in front of people, his ability to play a big if he has to. “And he’s only 23. It’s crazy what I’m seeing there. All the stuff he did (at Kentuky), he has mastered it to another level.”
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Each team has its own needs and brings its own questions, but Yurtseven has noticed some commonalities to the experience in recent months. That has allowed him to settle in and be more comfortable in the setting, after he said he was nervous in his first interview with the Atlanta Hawks. “I think first comes being honest and being yourself,” Yurtseven told NBC Sports Washington of the keys to a draft interview. “But other than that, you have to know their rosters in order to see how they would fit in; what shooters are you going to be able to kick out to, or what bigs would you be playing with, what picks do they have. In all the interviews, I try to incorporate all the things I know about them in order to show them that I care, that I want to be on their team.”
To support the Lakers 2020 playoff run, Metro will be distributing commemorative Lakers TAP cards at select bus stops and rail stations in the next few days. Many of the cards — which are loaded with a day pass — will be distributed in low-income and underserved neighborhoods by our law enforcement partners at the LAPD, L.A. Sheriff’s Department and Long Beach PD, all of whom help patrol the Metro system. The Lakers will also be giving some of the cards to our local Boys and Girls Clubs.
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September 25, 2020 | 12:34 pm EDT Update
“Very, very disappointed,” James Harden said following Game 5. “Obviously we still have to go out there and play a basketball game and series, but it affected us. It was a distraction and he was a huge part of our rotation. But we still had to go out there and try to win games.” From what I understand, House apologized to the entire team before exiting the bubble. It was a bad decision made on his part, but one that didn’t just affect the team — it might have affected his future.
Boston Celtics forward Jaylen Brown is a scholar – seeking not only knowledge but answers to social and racial injustices – just as much as he is a basketball player. “It’s just who I am,” Brown told USA TODAY Sports. “It’s not like something I’ve just started doing now. I’ve advocated and spoken about things I’ve felt strong about since before I was drafted. Responsibility is the right word. But at this point, it’s just who I am.
Can they do it again? Can they rally from behind against the Lakers? Can they really eliminate LeBron James? “Everyone always has us packing our bags and leaving, but we’re not ready to go,” Nuggets coach Michael Malone said. “For some reason we love this bubble. I can’t explain it. But this team loves the bubble … we’re a very resilient group. And this group has proven that time and time again.”