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Mike D'Antoni clear favorite for Sixers' job

This coaching search has been eye-opening for several league sources. They’ve said it’s hard to tell who’s in charge due to ownership’s earlier-than-expected involvement. Sources have been saying since last week that the job is D’Antoni’s to turn down. They say he’s the guy the ownership group wants. One source even said the 69-year-old would have to bomb his interview with the Sixers owners not to be offered the job.

Time will tell what happens with the coaching job left vacant when Brett Brown was fired on Aug. 24. However, league sources said questions about the Sixers’ first-office structure have concerned some qualified would-be candidates. They were also concerned that Embiid’s close relationship with ownership would have an impact on a coach’s authority. Another concern was Embiid and Ben Simmons being empowered to think they have a hand in the coaching hire. The sources also wonder who’s actually in charge, even though the Sixers keep saying it’s Brand.

Sixers to interview Mike D'Antoni on Wednesday?

Has Mike D’Antoni really emerged as the front-runner for the 76ers’ head-coaching vacancy even though his style doesn’t fit the team? Or is this just a smokescreen? Multiple league sources say it’s for real. Sources have confirmed the team will interview the former Houston Rockets coach in the coming days. One source said the interview could come as early Wednesday. However, Sixers sources denied D’Antoni would interview that day. Asked if he would interview Thursday, sources said the dates of interviews have yet to be determined.
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January 27, 2021 | 1:16 pm EST Update

Knicks had some interest in Lonzo Ball trade last offseason

In the offseason, the Knicks did their homework on the point guard situation in New Orleans. But the homework they did at that point wasn’t about Lonzo Ball. Now, two months from the 2021 trade deadline, some teams believe Ball will be available in trade scenarios for the right asking price, SNY sources say, confirming an Athletic report. One team monitoring the situation said the Pelicans value Ball and won’t deal him without getting a significant return.
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