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Major changes made to All-Star Game

The NBA said there will be multiple tributes to Bryant, his 13-year-old daughter Gianna and the seven others who lost their lives in Sunday’s helicopter crash throughout All-Star weekend, including the showcase game on Feb. 16. The target score is just one of them. “We spent a lot of time considering the right target number to use for the fourth quarter,” said Byron Spruell, the NBA’s president for league operations. “Through the events of this week it became clear to us that the only appropriate number for this season’s All-Star game is 24.”

The target score is the latest addition to the NBA’s quest to make the game more competitive, something that players have wanted for some time. […] “We’ve been very focused on making it more competitive, making it more exciting and making it fun,” Spruell said. “And we’ve had a great collaboration with the union. For this year’s game, we really focused on what new things we could do to make it a really competitive game where each quarter mattered in this case.”

The team that has the most points after the first quarter will win $100,000 for its charity. The same will apply to the second and third quarters. The scores get added for the fourth to set the target score — for example, if the score is 100-95 at that point, then the team that wins the All-Star Game will be the first to reach 124. The target score concept is something that the NBA has been considering since last summer, when National Basketball Players Association president Chris Paul — a big fan of The Basketball Tournament, a winner-take-all $2 million event composed mostly of college alumni teams — reached out to say the league should explore the concept. The Basketball Tournament uses what is called the Elam Ending; the game clock is turned off at the first stoppage with 4:00 or less in the fourth quarter, and the target score there is eight points more than the leading score at the time.

The game is still roughly four months off, but Warriors guard Stephen Curry already sounds like he’s preparing mentally for what he might do if he is selected as one of the new all-important captains for the 2018 NBA All-Star Game in Los Angeles. “Probably one of my teammates … until you run out of those options,” he said with a knowing grin. “Then you’ve got to figure it out. You don’t go into a draft knowing what pick 9-10-11 is going to be. You have to see how it all unfolds.”

“You’re an All-Star, but obviously, somebody has to get picked last, or second-to-last,” he said. “I’m sure the noise that’s evident in our society every single day is going use that as ammunition to try and make fun of somebody. But I guarantee you, anybody would want to trade places with the 24th All-Star if they had the opportunity to do so. That’s kind of the unfortunate circumstance of the whole drafting situation. But at least they’re playing in the All-Star Game.”
4 years ago via ESPN

Richard Jefferson is fed up with what the NBA All-Star Game has devolved to: “It’s really kind of a joke. It’s sad from the standpoint of, ‘Oh, this is the most points since Michael Jordan scored 35 in ‘87,’ well, it was a completely different game. It’s tough when … no one had had a triple-double, now you have three guys can get a triple-double in one game because it’s just a float-around game. They’re changing it up ideally to make it more competitive. Hopefully it works.”
4 years ago via ESPN

Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry believes the changes the NBA announced surrounding the All-Star Game are great for the game. “I think it’s great for the game to kind of spice it up a little bit,” Curry told ESPN before Wednesday’s practice. “Give the fans a little bit more interest in how the teams are going to unfold. It’s great to follow how the 24-man rosters are voted on by the fans and the coaches but now there’s another element of mixing the East and the West and giving different combinations of guys out there on the floor. So it should be a pretty cool vibe to test it out and see how it goes.”

Adam Silver: I promise this time that next year’s will be different. I think we all recognize, and we talked about it at last year’s All-Star, we’ve gotten to the point where everyone seemed to agree it needed to be more competitive. And by everyone, I mean including the players. Chris Paul, who’s president of the union, he was the first to say to me the day after the game — and he wasn’t playing in that game — let’s get together and do something about this.
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