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Adam Silver: “There are a few players having outstanding seasons that could have been selected for these first two slots. The coaches pick the reserves, but we have access to all their votes, so we do look to see who the players were that were next in line in terms of coach voting. That becomes relevant. I think at the end of the day, particularly as we add All-Stars with the Commissioner’s selections, the markets become relevant. In the case of LaMelo, Charlotte was able to be represented, which they hadn’t been before he was added. I’m not going to say it’s not a factor that the All-Star Game was in Cleveland this year, but even independent of that, Jarrett Allen is having an All-Star season and there’s no doubt he deserves to be recognized.”

“Personally, I think Jarrett got snubbed,” Bickerstaff said. “You look at what he’s done over the year, and there’s no real way to justify him not making it. Obviously, it’s difficult because there are a lot of talented players out there, but again, if we respect winning the way we say we respect winning, there’s no way that Jarrett Allen doesn’t make the All-Star team. I’ll speak on his behalf. I’ll obviously let you guys talk to him, but we’re extremely disappointed that he didn’t make it. But we know who Jarrett is. He’s going to continue to go out and prove people wrong and play with that chip and that edge.” Allen is averaging 16.2 points and 11.0 rebounds per game this season, which are both career highs. He’s shooting 67.4 percent from the field. Allen is one of their best interior defenders, and when paired with Evan Mobley and Lauri Markkanen for their big lineup, they dominate the paint on either end of the floor. Allen’s success this season has played a large part in the Cavs’ stunning turnaround.

“When we all sat there, and we heard DG — I think he was the second of the reserves to be named — and to not hear JA’s name, I mean, I was gutted. And gutted for him. It kind of blew my high last night,” Love said. “I’ve always said like since he’s been here, he’s been so steady for us. But yet he’s one of those guys that, we weren’t exactly competing for a playoff spot last year. And yet every time that we lost, he came in and was upset. And I looked over at that, and said, ‘That’s a guy that I want to compete with every single night.’ And like I said, he worked so hard in the offseason to get himself where he was. We all kept in touch, and he just continued to keep his head down and worked. And he got a big contract, and he’s proved that he might be underpaid. I mean, he’s an All-Star. There’s no doubt in my mind.”

Julius Randle misses out on a $600,000 All-Star bonus

On Thursday, the NBA released its All-Star reserves and Julius Randle was shut out — as expected — denying him a chance of a second straight appearance in the All-Star Game, which will take place Feb. 20 in Cleveland.  “Nah,’’ Randle said when asked if he’s disappointed. “I’m trying to win games. That’s what I get paid to do, win games.”  Randle missed out on a $600,000 All-Star bonus. Knicks coach Tom Thibodeau said Randle is treated like an All-Star considering the attention he’s paid by opposing defenses. But the coach said he didn’t get the selection from the coaching vote because of the Knicks’ 24-28 record — which currently has them out of Eastern Conference play-in round.

“In any given year, there’s always a number of guys who are deserving and don’t get it,’’ Thibodeau said. “There’s not enough spots for guys who have had All-Star type years. A big part of that is the success of the team. I know from voting it’s a tough position for coaches to be in. You get down to the end and you’re wrestling with it. You got three or four guys and two spots or one spot. You’re saying how am I going to determine who actually gets there? Usually the next criteria is what’s the impact on the team. What team is doing better.’’  Asked if Randle is playing at an All-Star level, Thibodeau said: “Yeah, when you look at all the things that he does, our team hasn’t played up to what we should be playing up to. There’s a lot of things that go into it.’’ 

In his 1,419 minutes, the Warriors have a stingy 102.0 defensive rating. He’s always there, and he’s always sturdy. “Availability,” Thompson said of Wiggins. “I mean, he’s in the lineup every night. I used to be like that. Andrew is just an iron man of sorts.” Wiggins has only missed four games this season — health and safety protocols — and one game all of last season. In his eight-year career, he’s only missed 18 total games. That’s long been his most underrated quality. He’s there every night, absorbing 35 minutes at the league’s most valued position.

Based on a report from Alex Shultz from SFGate, the Warriors made the shrewd move to bring onboard K-Pop star BamBam earlier this year. He made a post on Instagram announcing his partnership with the team as a “Global Ambassador” and quickly got to work. The very same day, he made a post in support of Andrew Wiggins’ All-Star campaign that quickly went viral. The tweet garnered 68.1 thousand likes, 36.8k retweets and nearly three thousand quote tweets as of time of writing, which according to SFGate is the most traction any single tweet has received in support of an NBA player’s All-Star candidacy.

Marc J. Spears: Second ballot of NBA All-Star voting. Ja and Luka in a battle for second West guard spot with Klay nearby. Andrew Wiggins third in West forward voting. Trae, Zach and Harden fighting for second East guard spot.

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Jaylen Brown: I think Jayson Tatum and I are probably the best two-way players in the league

Are you and Jayson Tatum the best duo in the league right now? Jaylen Brown: I don’t subscribe to what’s being said. I try to stay as even-keeled as I possibly can. Right now, things are going well. Tomorrow can flip just like that. So I just want to stay balanced and continue to move forward and continue to win games. I think me and JT are probably the best two-way players in the league. I’m excited to be able to continue to get better, excited to be able to win games, and that’s not a knock on anybody else. But I’m hungry and I’m looking toward the future.
Last question. LeBron James was critical of the media about the lack of criticism for Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones after a photo of Jones surfaced of him standing among a group of white students at North Little Rock high school in Arkansas on Sept. 9, 1957. How did you feel about LeBron sharing that the critique of Jones was not as harsh as the recent controversy surrounding Kyrie Irving? Jaylen Brown: I’ve seen LeBron’s comments, and I think it should be looked at. I think he made some good points, and I think that people should pay attention and chime in. And he had an opinion against it before. I think those conversations need to be had.
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Knicks active on trade calls: Immanuel Quickley, Evan Fournier, Derrick Rose and Cam Reddish available

Now, the Knicks are already on the phones. League sources said the most-common players they have discussed with other teams are, in no particular order: Immanuel Quickley, Evan Fournier, Rose and Reddish. They fielded calls on Fournier leading into last winter’s trade deadline and then again over the summer. He has two seasons, including this one, remaining on his contract and hasn’t touched the court in three weeks. But it’s not like they’re desperate to send him out of town.
The Knicks have not shown any interest in attaching draft picks to Fournier just to move him, league sources said. Still, that doesn’t mean a Fournier trade is impossible. They have expressed to other teams that they would consider dealing him for a less desirable contract if it meant bringing back an asset. The Knicks owe Fournier $18 million this season and $18.9 million next season. There is a team option for 2024-25, the final season of his contract, for $19 million.
They also have communicated that they are willing to attach Quickley or Reddish to Fournier to make a trade work, league sources said. The Knicks have discussed with other teams various types of Quickley-related deals. In discussions where the 23-year-old is the standalone piece going out, New York has targeted a future first-round pick, league sources said. The team is overflowing with guys who could justify playing time. Moving on from one of the guards could free up space.