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Anthony Davis out for game vs. Clippers?

Anthony Davis left the Lakers’ second scrimmage last Saturday after accidentally being poked in the eye by Michael Carter-Williams, and the Laker big man did not return. Then he sat out the Lakers’ third scrimmage Monday for the same reason. Now he could be out for the Lakers’ opener Thursday against the Clippers. “He’s day-to-day, and while he’s still dealing with discomfort, there is some concern that he could potentially not play Thursday,” Lakers’ coach Frank Vogel said Tuesday in a video conference with reporters. “But we’re hopeful that he does, and we’ll see how that plays out.”

Davis injured his lower tailbone in the second half of last week’s win against the New York Knicks. Davis has rested and received treatment, but it is unclear to what extent the Lakers will consider Davis fully healthy before clearing him to play. “I don’t know if it will be 100 percent,” Vogel said. “It’s going to be day to day and we’ll communicate with the medical team. We want him as pain-free as possible. But I don’t know if that is 100 percent or 99 percent. They’ll tell me when he’s ready.”

Anthony Davis hurting

Anthony Davis left the Los Angeles Lakers’ game against the New York Knicks in the third quarter Tuesday night after he bruised his lower back in a painful fall to the court. Davis was injured when he fell awkwardly while trying to block the shot of New York’s Julius Randle. Davis pounded the court in obvious pain after his hard landing, and he stayed down for about two minutes in a hushed Staples Center. Davis eventually rose with help from his teammates, and he walked to the Lakers’ dressing room slowly, but under his own power.

Davis’ agent, Rich Paul, emerged from the Lakers’ locker room after the injury and said X-rays on Davis’ back were negative, but the superstar is feeling sore. The Lakers described the injury as a bruised sacrum — the lower part of the spine near the tailbone. Davis was able to walk in the player tunnel at Staples Center as the initial shock of the fall wore off, a source told ESPN’s Dave McMenamin. The plan is for Davis to undergo an MRI on Tuesday night, and he is expected to miss the upcoming road trip in Dallas & Oklahoma City to rehab.

Davis said the thumb got hit a few times at practice today, but that’s what he wanted, in order to tough it out. The plan is to see how he feels tomorrow prior to the game, and if it continues to feel good, he’ll play. Head coach Frank Vogel said he didn’t see any limitations for Davis in practice, but will wait until Wednesday afternoon to determine if he’ll play against the Warriors. “We’re going to be safe and see how he feels tomorrow,” said Vogel.
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