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Anthony Davis on his injuries: 'My training methods were top tier'

When asked if the extended offseason will allow Davis, 29, to re-evaluate his training methods in hopes of staying healthy in the future, the big man pushed back. “No,” Davis said. “To be honest, my training methods were top tier. I can’t control stepping on someone’s foot and I can’t control someone falling into my leg. It’s not like I’m out of shape and I f—ing did some crazy s— or it was anything I could control.”

“The good thing is, what people don’t know, is that the doctors actually told me that you’re lucky. Our team doctor said if you weren’t doing the work that you were supposed to be doing this summer, both could have been worse,” Davis said. “I could have one, f—ed up my foot way more. Or I could have torn some s— in my knee. So it’s a positive for me, knowing that I put in a lot of work this summer and I prevented catastrophic injuries from happening to my body. “So, people can say what they want to say, but I know what I do every summer to get ready for an 82-game season.”

Davis missed 17 straight games from late December until late January after suffering an MCL sprain in his left knee. Then in mid-February, he had the foot injury, causing him to miss 18 straight games. But those injuries, Davis said, do not make him injury prone. Both stemmed from unfortunate circumstances that would have hurt any player. “I had no injuries this year where it was, ‘Damn, that’s AD’s fault,'” Davis said. “Someone falls into my leg, sprains my MCL. The same exact thing [Kevin Durant] had.”

Anthony Davis: 'These aren’t little ticky-tack injuries'

“This is what I’ve learned about injuries: Last year when I wasn’t playing, people were saying ‘AD’s giving up on his team. It’s the playoffs. AD has to play. He’s got to play.’ And when I went out there to play, got hurt again, they said, ‘Who was his trainer? Who let him play?’ “So, what the [expletive] do you want me to do? When I play, it’s a problem. It’s a problem when I don’t play. “At the end of the day, I’ve got to do what’s best for me and how my body feels. And we go from there. I’m not worried about who’s saying what or who thinks this about me because none of them have stepped on the floor and played. And the ones that did play, they should understand. “These aren’t little ticky-tack injuries.”

“The real basketball guys know that there’s nothing I could’ve done in these situations,” Davis said. “What? Move out the way? I keep that attitude because, one, my wife makes me, and two, it’s knowing that these really weren’t my fault. How can I be down or upset or care what people are saying? It could’ve been anybody. I could wear shoes that come up to my knees. “There’s not one player in the world who could step on somebody’s foot from the air and not roll your ankle. It doesn’t matter the shoe. You step on somebody’s foot, you’re going to roll your ankle.”

Anthony Davis returning on Friday?

Anthony Davis still not running at full speed

While the Lakers haven’t said when he’ll return to game action — he’d need to be cleared for full-contact work first — Davis has said that he’s not concerned about needing a long ramp-up to get his wind back to where it needs to be. We still haven’t seen Davis running at full speed or pushing his pregame workouts to full speed. But we haven’t seen him slow down either, the team’s hopeful tone about his return matching his on-court progress.
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Anthony Davis back by the first week of April?

Out since Feb. 16 with a right mid-foot sprain. If everything continues to progress well in Davis’ rehab, the All-Star big man could be suiting up for games by the first week of April, at the earliest, sources told ESPN. The Lakers have gone 18-7 in the past two postseasons when Davis and James were in the lineup and able to finish the game. That’s the stat that keeps L.A.’s locker room believing, despite how difficult this season has been.

Anthony Davis making progress towards return

The good news? Davis is set to be reevaluated this week — Thursday will officially be four weeks since he suffered the injury — and Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reported on “NBA Countdown” that Davis is “making progress” towards a return: “His walking boot is off, and I’m told this week the next step for him is he’ll get on the court and start to do some stationary shooting. And they still, with 16 games left for the Lakers and the toughest schedule left in the league, the expectation is that they can still hang on to the play-in and get in the postseason and they can have Anthony Davis back.”

Lakers haven't fired Frank Vogel because Anthony Davis, Kendrick Nunn have missed a lot of time

Change is inevitable for the Los Angeles Lakers. The team will undoubtedly look different when next season rolls around and many of the franchise’s key figures could either be gone or heading towards the door. Head coach Frank Vogel failing so badly to get his talent to mesh has reflected very badly on him. He has frequently been mentioned in firing rumors and his job security has been uncertain for a while now.

Anthony Davis out at least two weeks

Anthony Davis is expected to be sidelined at least two weeks after suffering a right ankle sprain in the first half of the Lakers’ 106-101 win against the Utah Jazz on Wednesday, sources told ESPN. Davis underwent X-rays at Arena that revealed no fracture, according to the team. Lakers coach Frank Vogel said Davis has an MRI scheduled for Thursday, and the team said he will be re-evaluated after the upcoming All-Star break.

Anthony Davis back at the end of January?

Anthony Davis participated in an individual on-court workout on Friday, four weeks to the day since spraining the MCL in his left knee. There is optimism within the Los Angeles Lakers organization that the star big man could return to game action sometime during L.A.’s long road trip at the end of the month, sources told ESPN. Davis will be officially reevaluated by team doctors early next week, Lakers coach Frank Vogel said.

Anthony Davis' recovery prognosis still good

At least Anthony Davis was spotted on the court before the game going through an individual workout, the first time he’s done so publicly since spraining a knee ligament against Minnesota on Dec. 17. Davis moved well on the injured leg despite wearing a bulky brace on the knee. Sources said the brace was merely precautionary and that the prognosis for Davis’ recovery is still good. The Lakers are scheduled to provide an update on Davis’ recovery as early as this weekend, though his return isn’t expected to closely follow.

From the moment Anthony Davis heard the pop in his left knee Friday night, he said, he was in “limbo.” He didn’t know how serious the latest injury in a too-long line of injuries would be. After playing in just half the Lakers’ regular-season games last season, then getting hurt again in the playoffs, Davis had used his frustrating track record as fuel coming into this season. Now, here he was again. Hurt. “I was emotional,” he said. “I was just, like, everywhere.”
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