NBA Rumor: Avery Bradley Injury

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If any other player had done it, I wouldn’t have thought twice about it. But this is an ongoing trend — I’m not going to exhaustively post every clip, but I’ve seen Beal do stuff like this several times this year. (Shout out to Mike Prada, who noticed the same thing.) I’m wondering if there isn’t something more going on there: Sometimes “slipping” like this is actually indicative of other problems. Or maybe he’s fine now; he certainly looked a lot better two days ago, smoking Utah for 37 points in a crucial road win. But it’s something to watch.

Head coach Scott Brooks said postgame that Beal’s status going forward will be determined prior to their next game, Monday against the Pacers. “I haven’t talked to him or the staff, that’s all I know right now. He hit the floor pretty hard. But you know as well as I know, and I’ll keep saying it, he’s as tough as nails,” Brooks said. “I’ve been around a lot of guys that can bounce back, and he might be one of the best ones — actually we have two of them on our team. We’ll see how he feels tomorrow and make that decision come the next game.”
4 years ago via ESPN

Memphis Grizzlies guard Avery Bradley will miss at least a week because of a bruised shin. The Grizzlies announced Wednesday that the condition of Bradley’s shin was revealed after their 135-128 loss to the Washington Wizards on Saturday. Bradley collected 21 points and five assists in that game. The Grizzlies said Bradley will be evaluated again in a week.
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