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Money​ is not​ the problem, so​ says Bradley​ Beal. The​ Wizards’ two-time All-Star stated​ as such when​​ asked after Sunday’s 113-110 loss to the Knicks about the possibility of earning a super-max contract this summer. “My biggest concern, just like I tell everybody else, is just making sure that we’re going in the right direction. It’s easy to secure money. Money is not the problem,” Beal said. “I already have one max contract, and I can live off that and be cool. So, money is not the problem.”

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Beal would be eligible for a “super-max” extension — a projected four-year, $194 million deal that would add onto the two years he has remaining on his current contract — if he makes an All-NBA team following this season. Whether he would accept it or not is the question of the moment, given the 32-49 Wizards’ uncertain management and current standing. And thus, the question for Beal, who has already made $90 million in his career and will earn plenty more whether he makes All-NBA or not, isn’t about the dollars. It’s about the future. “It’s, what are we gonna do here moving forward?” he said. “It starts with getting a new GM and building up our team this summer. I’ll definitely give it a lot of thought. It’s not an easy decision. It’s not a simple one, either. So, (it’s a) game of chess this summer.”

Bradley Beal talks extension

But he told The Athletic he has “no idea” if he would accept the still theoretical offer if he were to end up on an All-NBA team and the Wizards were to subsequently propose it to him this summer. “I have no idea. … I try not to (think about it),” he said. “I’m not gonna be naïve to it. I know about it. But … I haven’t even gotten that far, because I need to figure out what we’re gonna do in this offseason, where we’re going, which direction we’re going.”

Both parties have to make sure it’s an actual possibility first. And Beal has two more weeks to plead his case on the court. “It’s crazy. I mentioned it to my agent just out of curiosity and he said, ‘One, I don’t like talking about it because I don’t wanna jinx it.’ That’s what he was telling me. And then two, he said, ‘I’ve never done a super-max deal, so I can’t tell you what to expect, what not to expect.’ So, it’s kinda like we’re going in blind,” Beal said. “Granted, my job is to continue to play out these last seven (games), and we’ll see where we are at the end of the year. “If I make it, I make it. If I don’t, I don’t. But it’ll definitely be evaluated at the end of the year.”

The Washington Wizards view Bradley Beal, a sharp-shooting two-way wing player poised for a breakout season, as a pillar for years to come, but the two sides have come to a mutual agreement to wait until next summer to enact the marriage and will not agree to a contract extension before tonight’s midnight deadline, according to a person with knowledge of the situation. Thusly, Beal will become a restricted free agent in July. Waiting until July affords Washington more cap room to pursue free agents – most notably Kevin Durant. By not giving Beal the max extension he wants now, Beal’s cap hold will be $14 million next summer instead of $20.9 million.

Wizards offer Bradley Beal non-max extension

Over his first three professional seasons, Bradley Beal has exhibited enough flashes of his potential to excite fans and assure the Washington Wizards that he is a foundation piece for their future. It is why Beal will almost certainly sign with the franchise long-term by next summer, though he likely won’t sign a four-year extension by the Halloween deadline because he wants the max and the Wizards have offered him less than that, according to a person with knowledge of the situation, because they want maximum salary-cap flexibility for free agents in July.

Training camp is rapidly approaching, but the Washington Wizards‘ off-season activity may not be complete because Bradley Beal’s contract situation remains unanswered. The negotiating period for a contract extension, which would kick in for the 2016-17 season, opened July 1 and closes on Halloween, the day of the Wizards’ home opener against the New York Knicks. So, there’s time. Both sides have maintained dialogue throughout the summer but there’s no rush and substantial progress hasn’t been made, according to multiple people with knowledge of the situation. That’s not unusual – deadlines usually spur activity. But, in this case, bypassing the negotiation window without an agreement could be the right move for both sides.

No max deal for Bradley Beal?

Bradley Beal wants a maximum contract extension, but the Washington Wizards reportedly won’t give him one. They plan to make him play out the 2015-16 season then hit restricted free agency, according to CSN Washington’s J. Michael Falgoust: “Bradley Beal has made it clear he thinks he’s a max player and that’s what he wants. I’ve talked to people on both sides all offseason about this. It seems to be Bradley Beal’s decision. The Wizards are willing to make him an offer, an extension, but they’re not going to offer him the maximum extension right now simply because they don’t have to.

Once the free-agent madness that kicks off today simmers down, the Wizards will have a week to figure out what to do regarding Bradley Beal who is eligible for an extension going into the last year of his rookie contract. “We have all the way to October to get something done on that front,” Wizards president Ernie Grunfeld told CSNwashington recently. “We’ll talk to his agent (Mark Bartelstein) at the appropriate time and see where that process takes us. Obviously, we think very highly of Bradley and we want him here for a very long time.”
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