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Buddy Hield may request trade

But Hield’s situation remains one Divac has to monitor. If Hield remains displeased with his role, a source with knowledge of his thinking said he might request a trade. He believes he is a starter in the NBA and there’s no guarantee he’ll get that job back, given how the team has played lately. And unlike last season, when he never criticized Joerger publicly and even refrained from doing so after their well-chronicled January 2019 run-in at Golden State, Hield has shown a willingness to criticize Walton that has proved at times problematic.

“We’re thrilled to welcome DeMarcus Cousins and Omri Casspi to the New Orleans Pelicans family,” stated Pelicans General Manager Dell Demps. “This is an exciting time for Pelicans fans as we continue our quest for long-term success. I know our fans are equally excited to welcome DeMarcus and Omri to our great city. I want to thank Mr. and Mrs. Benson, Dennis Lauscha and Mickey Loomis for their continued support and providing the resources for us to be successful. I’d also like to thank Tyreke Evans, Langston Galloway and Buddy Hield for their professionalism and hard work on the court and in the community during their tenure in New Orleans.”
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Storyline: Orlando Bubble
I knew little about Johnson when I first saw him in Ottawa. He was sporting a very tame fauxhawk — shaved on the sides and back, a shortish patch of hair running through the middle of his dome. At the time, Raptors president and general manager Bryan Colangelo traditionally held a dinner at training camp for the travelling media. At The Keg in ByWard Market, I told Colangelo that I thought Johnson’s haircut was interesting. Colangelo suggested that it would be a good look for me.
And so it was at the Raven’s Nest Gym at Carleton — capacity, 1,500 people — Johnson came up to me snipping scissors in the air, before giving way to an actual barber. (Johnson donated some money. He was, and remains, a proper mensch.) I was nervous, sure, but my main memory is one of awkwardness. None of the fans who attended the scrimmage seemed to have any idea why this was happening. It was just very quiet. I think they would have preferred seeing The Raptor do some dunks off a trampoline. The haircut took longer than expected, and I could not see most of the second half, as they moved the proceedings from centre court to a corner of the arena once play re-started. Man, if something interesting happened in an intrasquad scrimmage for the first time, I would have been in trouble.
NBA prospect Grant Riller from the College of Charleston recently joined Raquel Rodriguez on Babcock Hoops Q&A Sessions. They discussed him being a late bloomer, a season-ending injury prior to his freshman season, why he thinks an NBA general manager should select him, and more. Raquel Rodriguez: Hi, Grant. Thank you for joining me today. I’d like to get right into it and talk about your high school days. From what I understand, you were not really heavily recruited by Division-1 schools, and now you’re an NBA prospect. Do you think that you flew under a lot of the coach’s radars?
Grant Riller: I think so, but at the same time, I think I’m a late bloomer as well. Coming out of high school, I felt like I had the raw talent, but there’s a lot of stuff that I was missing. The biggest thing I think was my body weight coming out of high school. I was probably about a buck fifty. So I know that kind of scared a lot of the coaches away, but all it takes is one to love you. So Coach Grant and his staff put a lot of trust in me. That was all she wrote from there.
Is there any current or former player that you compare yourself to? I’ll go with a former player. I look at a guy like Deron Williams from back then and I see a lot of similarities in my game. Kind of a score-first guard, he could score on all three levels. He was good in the pick-and-roll for himself and creating for others, he could create for himself as well off the bounce. So I look at a guy like that and see tons of similarities, and that’s definitely somebody I’ve watched a ton over the years.
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“I really want to play, and as a competitor and teammate this is tearing me apart,” Oladipo told The Athletic. “I feel like I’m at a great place in my rehab and getting closer and closer to 100 percent. With all the variables, from how I have to build my 5-on-5 workload back up, to the increased risk of a soft tissue injury which could delay my rehab, and the unknown exact set up of the bubble, I just can’t get my mind to being fully comfortable in playing. I have to be smart and this decision hasn’t been easy, but I truly believe continuing on the course I’m on and getting fully healthy for the 2020-21 season is the right decision for me.”
Oladipo has spent the past three months training with his physical therapist, Luke Miller. “Vic looks great and feels great and is in the best shape he’s ever been in,” Miller said. “He hasn’t had a setback at all. Now it’s about him taking everything into account, close this 2019-20 chapter and focus on 2020-21, which I believe will be a big one. He’s extremely close to the old VO, but he’s not there yet and he knows the work to get back there.
“He’s a very smart guy, and he’s asked several different doctors and physicians across the country, mentors and former basketball players he looks up to. We treated these past three months as if he was going to come back, so he kept everything high intensity-wise. “We told him from the start that he wouldn’t be 100 percent right away. It takes guys a good two years. It takes two years before you wake up in the morning and say, ‘I didn’t have surgery.’ We’ve talked through this thing — we just forgot to factor in the pandemic. That’s where he is hitting the reset button and focus on 2020-21. That’s where his mindset is.”
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