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But from a big picture standpoint, Channing Frye got to show once again how much he has evolved this season, part of why the Cavs don’t necessarily want to trade him. They understand his value on and off the floor. He’s important for lightening the mood in a drama-filled locker room, a fun-loving guy that teammates love to play alongside. He’s one of the vocal leaders. The recognize how well the team performs with him on the floor. They know he is needed even more after Love’s injury. But they also understand the trade-deadline challenges and improving often requires giving up a valuable piece.

Channing Frye’s name will continue to be mentioned in discussions because of his contract situation. His number is good and he can still be a key piece of a championship rotation. If the Cavs aim for high-salaried player, believing one could make a significant impact, Frye’s $7.4 million will get them nearly halfway there. If they are having talks with sellers, chances are that team will want Frye’s expiring contract so the future salary cap won’t be harmed. If the Cavs choose to deal their own first-round pick, something they are open to, which could give them an advantage in the current market, they will need to attach some kind of salary to it, especially with a full 15-man roster.
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“I’ve been traded before,” he said. “What am I going to do? Listen, my checks transfer to Sacramento. I think at the end of the day, we have pretty good communication, and business is business. I want to be here to win. My main goal here, the only goal that everybody should have here, is to win a chip. So your personal feelings of what you think is best for you doesn’t matter. At all. If you’re not here to win a championship, you need to get the f— out of here.”
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“Whatever they have to do to win, they got to do that,” Frye said. “There’s no personal feelings. And I think that’s something that people don’t understand when they’re here. They’re like, ‘We’ll, this is about me.’ No. It’s not about it. It’s not. Absolutely not. If they feel like George Hill or if they feel like Anthony Davis or whoever else is out there they’re trying to get is going to upgrade them? Do it. I understand. So there’s no personal or hurt feelings. I want to be here. I want to be able to help and just let me know what I need to be able to do to play in the championship or help us win.”

The Kings seem to be closing in on a deal to move out guard George Hill, likely sending him to Cleveland in exchange for Cavs center Channing Frye and guard Iman Shumpert. There is the possibility that some second-round picks change hands, but this deal would be about getting Hill and his hefty salary next year off the books. Sources close to the Kings said they have been very open and receptive to helping move off the veteran players that have fallen out of the rotation in Sacramento.

The Cavs have been linked in recent days to the Clippers’ DeAndre Jordan, another defensive big and who would help shore up that end of the floor. Like every other big man who’s name comes up in trade talks, they’ll be mentioned with Gasol. The trade pieces would revolve around Tristan Thompson, along with Iman Shumpert and Channing Frye. They own Brooklyn’s No. 1 pick in June’s draft, but aren’t expected to part with that because LeBron James could leave at season’s end and they’ll need the pick to rebuild.

Magic fielding offers for Channing Frye

Now, league sources tell Sporting News, changes could be coming to the Magic’s promising young roster ahead of this month’s trading deadline. Already, the team has received multiple inquiries on big man Channing Frye, who despite being 32 years old and having two years and $15.2 million left on his contract, still is considered a commodity around the league because of his combination of size, defense and perimeter shooting.
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