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Altman is going to make remarks and take questions from reporters Friday for the first time in a long time. He is expected to push back on the idea that the Cavs’ search began months ago and argue that no search was done in part out of respect for Drew, who was promoted to finish out the season when Lue was fired after an 0-6 start. Four league sources, none of them Altman, said the Cavs were conducting research on potential candidates, and the work stretched back to last season, when it looked like Cleveland could lose to Indiana in the first round and firing Lue was a possibility.

Drew is highly respected throughout the league and by the Cavaliers’ players, but his position has yet to be clearly defined. He told me he thinks of himself as a substitute teacher for now. Is he going to get a new contract with a salary befitting a head coach? What about a long-term commitment for him to be in that role? If not, he spoke of moving back to his old job as assistant to the head coach, while the team brings in a new leader.
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One interesting name being discussed by executives as a possible future coach in Cleveland is Avery Johnson. For years, owner Dan Gilbert has been interested in reaching into the college ranks to get a big-name coach, and he has made offers to Tom Izzo, Bill Self and John Calipari. Johnson, in his fourth year at Alabama, isn’t in that same category but has plenty of NBA experience. More importantly, he has a strong connection to Cavs rookie Collin Sexton, who played for Johnson last year.

Windhorst continued. “Part of this situation is Larry Drew has been screwed over in the past,” he said. “He was the coach of a team, the Bucks, and they traded for Jason Kidd to be their new coach. They pulled him into a meeting and said, by the way Larry, we’re going to have to fire you. I don’t blame Larry Drew for one second. “Secondly, there’s a history here that (team owner) Dan Gilbert, when it matters, will write the check. He’ll say he doesn’t want to write the check, but at the end of the day, whether it’s trades at the trading deadline, or coaches or whatever, he always writes the check. Larry Drew and his agent are very well aware of this.

“The opportunity to continue coaching the Cavaliers and this very special group of players is tremendous,” said Lue. “I am extremely appreciative of the effort and commitment that Dan Gilbert, Jeff Cohen, Nate Forbes, and David Griffin showed in extending my contract. Cleveland fans are the best in sports and I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this very special community. I am focused on helping this organization continue to grow and look forward to more success for our team and our fans.”

After his promotion to head coach following David Blatt’s firing in January, Lue gambled on himself and decided against signing a shorter, less lucrative deal as Cavaliers coach – never signing a three-year, $9.5 million contract framework. Lue’s decision turned out to be prophetic, because the Cavaliers’ improbable 3-1 comeback victory in the NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors allowed for him to become compensated among the NBA’s elite head coaches.
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Sixers not close to trading Ben Simmons

Complicating matters with that caveat of right now, of course, is the reality that the Sixers also do not appear close to a trade they are willing to go through with that gives Simmons his desired fresh start. More than two months after posting one of my Tuesday newsletter extravaganzas on Substack for the first time on July 13 — also a breakdown, on that occasion, of the latest on the Simmons front — Philadelphia looks no closer to a trade to bring an end to this stalemate.
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Weeks of Philadelphia’s Simmons talks with various teams haven’t brought the Sixers to the brink of a deal, largely because Morey is the one faced with trying to get commensurate value for his All-Star and still asking for so much in return in his determination to recoup a trade package that, as one source put it, keeps Philadelphia in title contention. History, however, says that Philadelphia’s president of basketball operations shouldn’t count on getting a glittering package back when a deal finally materializes — his own history.
I reported Monday that the Sixers don’t expect Simmons to show and are resigned to try to keep working behind the scenes to try to convince him to reconsider that stance. After I published that, another source close to the situation told me: “Right now, I don’t see a scenario where Ben is back in Philly.” The source meant it with permanence. As in: Simmons’ career with the Sixers, to the source, is over.
I was told very clearly that the Sixers do not liken these circumstances to Al Horford’s last season in Oklahoma City or John Wall’s in Houston. As the start of training camp draws near, Philadelphia has shown zero interest to date in striking the sort of mutual agreement that Wall and the Rockets just hatched to shelve the former All-Star point guard.
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