NBA Rumor: Clint Capela Trade?

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Hawks eyeing Clint Capela

The Hawks are among several teams expressing interest in Rockets center Clint Capela, according to sources. Houston has received several calls on Capela, but is said to be unlikely to move him barring an overwhelming offer. Conversely, several teams are monitoring Hawks big man John Collins and feeling out Atlanta’s asking price, sources said. Collins has so far been part of the Hawks’ young core along with All-Star guard Trae Young. But the Hawks’ need for a more natural center is known, and they have expressed interest in Capela, Sacramento’s Dewayne Dedmon and Oklahoma City’s Steven Adams, too.

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There are a few big names out there who could come on the market, namely Steven Adams in Oklahoma City, though the Thunder have told teams they see Adams as part of their future for the time being. Another center executives are watching is Clint Capela, who was dangled in trade talks early last summer but got pulled back when the Houston Rockets went all-in on a Russell Westbrook deal. If the Rockets need midseason changes, and they almost always itch for them, Capela could be available again.

Alternative options were tossed around like DeAndre Jordan and Brook Lopez, but there were arguments on either side, in favor of keeping him and moving on from him. He was among the names on the trading block while GM Daryl Morey searched for upgrades, and reports surfaced from all over the league concerning Capela — from draft night to a theoretical landing of Jimmy Butler. In the opening hours of free agency, Houston was also scheduled to meet with free agent centers, Javale McGee and Looney. A team source insisted that it wasn’t so much as shopping Capela, but just the franchise doing its due diligence.

Mavs interested in Clint Capela?

After another playoff exit at the hands of the Golden State Warriors, the Houston Rockets — maybe because their top two stars are not playing nice with one another — are looking to overhaul their roster. An NBA source tells DBcom that starting on Tuesday, the Rockets started the process of making “for-sale” phone calls. And when one of those calls is placed to Dallas, and the subject is center Clint Capela? The Mavericks will be interested.
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