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9 months ago via ESPN
Butler became a well-rounded star on offense last season, and Towns has the potential to be the most versatile scoring big man ever — and the second, after Dirk Nowitzki, to join the exalted 50-40-90 club. You don’t want your monster big hanging around the perimeter too much, but Towns’ willingness to float there — and yield the interior to Butler and Wiggins — will help Thibodeau mesh ill-fitting personnel. The Wolves dangled Cole Aldrich and a second-round pick in search of veteran help, sources say, and they should experiment with Butler as a small-ball power forward. They will win a close game at some point.

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I’m sure you had to have heard your name thrown around in trade rumors this summer, and it’s not the first time. How do you handle that? Cole Aldrich: It is what it is. If it happened, it happened. If it didn’t, it didn’t. I’m going to be excited either way. I’m excited about my time. If I stay all year, I’m happy to be here. This is home for me and it always will be home, whether I’m with the Wolves or another team. I’ve loved my time being here, but it’s a business, it is what it is. I’ve been traded before and, as we spoke earlier in the year, you just never know if it’s going to happen again.

Aldrich was repeatedly brought up in potential sign-and-trade deals with Indiana to bring C.J. Miles to Minnesota, but the Pacers reportedly struck a deal with Toronto on Sunday to send Miles to the Raptors. Thibodeau said Aldrich is still a part of the Timberwolves’ plans. “The thing is you have size, you need depth up front,” he said. “I think the way you have to build your team today is you need to have size and the ability to play small. You need to do both. So the quality depth up front is key.”
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July 17, 2018 | 2:07 pm EDT Update