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Courtney Lee: I'm going into the first year of being retired

Courtney Lee has traded in his basketball shoes for a set of golf clubs and a softball bat. The Western Kentucky great and longtime NBA player is now enjoying life in retirement from professional basketball. “Man, I’m going into the first year of being retired. I’m picking up golf. It’s a new hobby for me. It’s keeping me busy,” Lee told the Daily News on Saturday.

Lee was unable to pick up where he left off when the NBA resumed, however, after suffering a left leg injury during the league’s hiatus. “I had a freak accident at home where a piece of glass cut the back of my leg and cut through some nerves, some tendons and slit all three of my calf muscles. That was the biggest factor right there,” Lee said. “Now I’m back to 100%, but I’m enjoying where I’m at in life right now.”

Lee’s interest in sports hasn’t wavered in retirement. He’s already picked up another game — golf. Lee posted a photo March 24 on Instagram of himself in a Western Kentucky shirt playing at Interlachen Country Club in Winter Park, Fla., with a WKU golf bag equipped with a Big Red club cover in the foreground. “Golf, I picked that up four months ago. I’m addicted to it, so I’m sticking with it,” Lee said. “The retirement life is just spending time with my daughter, traveling and having fun with the family right now.”
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