NBA Rumor: Damian Lillard Injury

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It is clear that Lillard is not right at the moment. His numbers of 24.0 points per game (Lillard’s lowest since 2014-15) on 40.2 percent from the field and 32.4 percent from deep (both the worst of Lillard’s entire pro career) reflect that. While there is definitely something at stake here for Lillard this season, it sounds like the Blazers may be faced with the tough decision of whether to ultimately shut Lillard down for the season and get him healthy.

Damian Lillard undergoes cortisone injection procedure

Portland Trail Blazers star Damian Lillard underwent a cortisone injection procedure to his abdominal last week to mitigate the pain he’s been dealing with for the last few years, league sources told Yahoo Sports. Lillard, 31, is scheduled to be reevaluated on Friday and could return to action as soon as Sunday against the Minnesota Timberwolves, sources said. The pain had reached a heightened point before the procedure.

But now, in the second of three scrimmage games, Portland will be without their point guard Damian Lillard, who is dealing with inflammation in his left foot. Stotts says Lillard had an x-ray on his left foot. The x-rays came back negative. From the sounds of it, it seems the inflammation is at the bottom of Lillard’s left foot. He did have an x-ray. The x-ray was negative. He just has some inflammation. I don’t expect it to be a long-term deal. Hopefully he’ll be able to play our last scrimmage. I think it’s a little bit on the bottom of his foot, but I’m not quite sure about that, but I think it is. — Trail Blazers coach Terry Stotts
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January 26, 2022 | 9:28 am EST Update

Joe Harris to get second opinion on his ankle

Chris Haynes: Sources: My @NBAonTNT report on Brooklyn Nets sharpshooter Joe Harris flying to Indianapolis to get a second opinion on his ankle.

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Chabad Lubavitch: After former Miami Heat player @MeyersLeonard uttered an antisemitic slur on a gaming live stream, he took responsibility & worked with Chabad Rabbis to learn about the hurt such words can cause. Last year, Rabbi Pinny Andrusier introduced him to South FL Jewish community (1/3)

Two years ago Wednesday, nine people perished in a helicopter crash in the hills northwest of Los Angeles, including the NBA legend and their 13-year-old daughter Gianna. Vanessa Bryant and her three other daughters are among those who have been trying to cope ever since. “Would you say you’ve been getting better or getting worse, you know?” the attorney asked her in a legal proceeding Oct. 12. “How do you feel?” “Grief isn’t linear,” Vanessa Bryant replied, according to a partial transcript of it filed in court last week. “It’s – every day is different, and I try to my best to put a smile on my face for my little girls. I want them to live in the love and not in the loss. And I make a conscious effort to try to portray that everything’s fine for them.”
Understandable anguish persists. In her deposition testimony in October, Miller asked her if she still was seeing her previous therapist. “I have stopped,” she replied, according to the partial transcript filed last week. “I don’t like – I don’t have the ability to talk to him because it puts me in a difficult space and I need to – I don’t want to bring those feelings up to surface.” She also said she didn’t start seeing another therapist because “I don’t like talking about everything that happened. I internalize a lot.”
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