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Before Darren Collison was seen at Thursday night’s Lakers-Rockets game, the team had conversations with the point guard to check his temperature on retirement. When word began to circulate recently that Collison had been working out and was interested in playing again in the NBA, Lakers forward Anthony Davis and Collison had a talk about his plans and how Los Angeles might fit into those, according to people who were not authorized to speak publicly on the matter.

Where the Lakers may have an advantage is after the trade deadline, when retired point guard Darren Collison is expected to make a return. A source close to Collison says he’d like to play for one of the L.A. franchises. Collison was already a Clipper once, playing 80 games in the 2013-14 season, but league insiders say he and coach Doc Rivers did not part on good terms, presumably making the Lakers his first choice. The source close to Collison, however, says his prior experience with Rivers would not preclude him from rejoining them.

Dave McMenamin on The Jump on the Lakers’ priority as Darren Collison rumors float – “Backup point guard is the number one priority as they look towards improving their roster as we go into the postseason.”

4 years ago via ABC10

After also drawing interest from the Clippers, Magic and Knicks, Collison said he never heard from his former Kings team. “Nah, I didn’t hear not one time from them; it was a bit disappointing,” Collison told ABC10 on Monday night. “I wanted to stay. I was telling people that regardless of who they draft and what happened, I wanted to stay, I wanted to be part of this process to see this thing through. Didn’t hear from them, not one time, so we had to move on. Time was ticking and we kind of had to make a decision.”

“For a while, I didn’t know what they wanted to do,” he said this week. “But after talking to Vlade late in the season, I got a much better sense. I think management has a definite plan in place and I think what he’s doing is smart. They have a goal they want to reach. They want a good locker room, because it starts from there. They have a good coach in Dave Joerger, and the young players, when I look at what they did late in the season, you realize these are guys you can play with and eventually win with. That’s my gut feeling. And then after the (Cousins) trade, when we got away from playing two bigs and played faster, I feel like my skills fit better. So, no, I wouldn’t mind coming back at all.”
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