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“I’ve always tried to maintain. I never want to finish the season on a downward spiral,” West said. “I never want my body aching. So I’m doing what I have to do to make sure my body is mentally in a good space.” As a result, Kerr has jokingly teased West about delaying off retirement, a decision West will take more seriously once the summer approaches. After all, West had considered retiring last year before deciding otherwise after winning his first NBA championship.

The first four weeks of what may be David West’s final season have made quite the statement. His game is simply not ready for retirement. Yet West considered just that last summer, in the wake of being on a championship team for the first time in his 14-year career. “You’ve got to think about every year, for these last three or four years,” West said on this week’s Warriors Insider Podcast. “You always think about it. It’s something you’re marching toward. When the season was over, I took time to enjoy what we had done, what we had accomplished.”

“One of the things that stood out for me that he said is that he still has the fire to compete, and that’s the one thing that’s probably still burning for me,” West said. “You want to compete. You want to face new challenges. When you get older, you have to figure out different ways to be productive and how to deal with younger and more explosive (competitors). That’s a challenge that’s intriguing to me. “With all of that thrown in, and on top of the fact that this is a great environment to be in — I’m learning every single day — it just felt right to come on back and give it another shot.”

However, the veteran big man broached the subject on Uninterrupted’s Open Run podcast posted Thursday. Retire or return? “I’m thinking about it. I’m kinda leaning toward playing again,” said West, a free agent as of Friday. “Probably just gonna give it a couple more days or so just to keep running it through my head. But if I do keep playing, it’s gonna be out here. It’s just such a great spot. I really enjoyed the environment, enjoy the guys.”

Woj on West: “And then David West, going into this year, people around David West said this was going to be his last year and I remember talking to him in the preseason about that in going down to San Antonio and he thought, like, ‘could be.’ And I think now he enjoyed that year so much in San Antonio, he’s a free agent – of course they’d want to keep him. I’ll say this about David West – whenever he decides to retire, he will be the most sought after front office executive in the league. Everybody in the league wants to get David West in their front office. He’s going to be a GM someday, if that’s what he wants to do, but boy, I know like it will be hard to pluck him out, once he’s gotten into San Antonio, I would be shocked if he doesn’t have the opportunity to get in their front office, but I know other organizations would love to get him. The league office, David West – he’s everything you want in a player, a leader, a great thinker, a high character guy, and the Spurs loved having him and they really hope he plays another year.”
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May 25, 2018 | 10:09 pm EDT Update
Privately, some members of the front office have been mentioning the same thing regarding the idea of taking a point guard, essentially saying that it wouldn’t make sense to select a PG given the current roster. This would seem to be another sign that the organization is confident in 2017 first-round pick Frank Ntilikina. Again, it’s worth noting that this opinion may not be uniform throughout the Knicks’ front office.