NBA Rumor: Dejounte Murray Trade?

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On the daily Locked On Spurs podcast, host Jeff Garcia and a panel of Spurs media members discussed the state of the Spurs and if anyone on the roster is untouchable in trade talks. Jeff Garcia: Are any of the Spurs on this current roster untouchable? As by way of trade? Why are we not explain? Casey Viera: If anything, I think one can make the argument that they should put out feelers for every single guy on the roster. You can make that argument because I have a very strong definition of untouchable. I associate untouchable to maybe a 10 to 15 player in the league. That’s probably even generous, maybe the top 10 players in the league you call untouchable. Who on the roster right now resembles that of a top 10 player? Who in that roster represents a pretty good player that can be in the league for a little while? There are several guys on the team, Dejounte Murray, Derrick White of course is the obvious candidate here.

The Spurs are 21-26, which puts them 2.5 games back from the playoffs and only 3.5 games from from top-10 lottery odds. League executives wonder if they’ll choose to break up their crowded roster. Older players like DeMar DeRozan and LaMarcus Aldridge are still effective but are blocking younger players from earning more minutes. Dejounte Murray isn’t available, but there are four other players I’d be targeting in trades.
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