NBA Rumor: DeJuan Blair Free Agency

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It’s former players like Blair, Daye and former Boston Celtics forward Jared Sullinger who are all playing to get exposure and hopefully grab another shot in the NBA. Former St. John’s guard D.J. Kennedy plays for for Overseas Elite in The Basketball Tournament and was invited to Denver Nuggets training camp last year. “I’m definitely trying to get back into the NBA,” Blair said. “The back door is always the hardest one, so you just got to keep going and keep grinding until something happens.”

Blair played in the NBA from 2009 through last season. He played with the San Antonio Spurs from 2009-’13, with the Dallas Mavericks during the ’13-’14 season, and he spent the last two seasons with the Washington Wizards. But nowadays, Blair is a member of the Texas Legends in the National Basketball Association Development League. That’s where he’s trying to get his groove back in hopes of gaining another shot in the NBA. “That’s my main goal,’’ Blair said, referring to a return to the NBA. “That’s what the development league is for. “I’m just trying to enjoy this experience. I’m still writing my story, so everything will work out as long as I keep doing what I’ve got to do.’’

A second-round draft pick out of Pittsburgh by the Spurs in 2009, Blair has always been a bump and grind type of player. He just hopes he’ll one day get another chance to perform his specialty on the NBA level. “I miss (the NBA) a little bit,’’ Blair said. “Once you get down here (in the D-League) and go over to China and things like that, you start to appreciate (the NBA). “It’s all a learning experience. It’s all what I’ve got to do.’’
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September 20, 2021 | 4:09 am EDT Update
Brother Pau Gasol recently spoke with Spanish newspaper Marca, and the topic of Marc’s future came up. “Marc has earned the freedom and flexibility to make his own decision and he will do so when he decides. I know he has a lot of enthusiasm for Basquet Girona, a club in which I am also involved as vice president. He is in a different situation, because he is five years younger than me. We will see what he decides to do this season and later, I am also waiting.“
Throughout his stellar NBA career, Bryant made a name for himself through his countless ways of scoring the basketball. For Grant, barring injuries, Hardaway would’ve also become as dominant as Bryant as he also had that in him during his playing years. “Without a doubt,” the four-time NBA champ said when asked if Hardaway could’ve also enjoyed his career like Bryant did. “I’m talking about 6’7”, 6’8” can see the floor, three-pointers, drive to the basket, assists, you name it. All-around game.”
The Lakers star’s latest appearance on the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast was eye-opening in that Melo revealed an ominous threat made against him by former NBA commissioner David Stern. This was following Anthony’s 15-game suspension back in 2006 for an in-arena brawl that broke out between his Denver Nuggets and his future team the New York Knicks. “‘I know who you with. I know where you live at,” the Lakers star claimed Stern said to him about his group of friends. ‘I know where they live at. I know when you close your eyes. I know when you wake up. And I know what they doin,’ he’s telling me.” “And I’m like damn, how the f—? That’s when I knew NBA was part of the feds. He told me, ‘I gotta make an example out of you.’ That’s a fact. He said, ‘I know everything. I know your whole crew. I know who’s doing what.’