NBA Rumor: DeMarcus Cousins Free Agency

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Nuggets strongly interested in bringing DeMarcus Cousins back

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DeMarcus Cousins on future with Nuggets: I don't know what the future holds

After the Nuggets were eliminated, the 31-year-old admitted that he isn’t sure whether he’ll be back in Denver. “I honestly don’t know what the future holds,” DeMarcus Cousins said. “A lot in this short time has transpired. I’m still trying to get over the fact that G.P. (Gary Payton II) hit that big shot, right? I’m extremely grateful for this opportunity. I’m happy to be a part of this group. I’m happy with the opportunity that was given to me from Mike, [Nuggets president] Tim [Connelly], [Nuggets general manager Calvin] Booth. To answer that question, I can’t right now. I don’t know what’s future holds.”

DeMarcus Cousins considered retirement

DeMarcus Cousins admits: He thought about quitting. “A lot of doors closed,” Cousins says. Houston, where Cousins played 25 games in 2020-21, was rock bottom. “It was horrible,” Cousins said. “A lot of teams promise you one thing, will tell you something in your face, and when the time comes around, no phone calls, they go silent. They tell you one thing and then tell your agent another. It’s just a lot of bulls—. There’s a lot of bulls— in this business, and in my eyes, a lot of it’s unfair. But it is what it is.”

The money disappeared. Interest from teams dried up. A player once considered one of the NBA’s best centers struggled to earn 10-day contracts. “It’s crazy, you do so much and then leave,” Cousins told SI. “You’ve proven yourself year after year, and once you hit the end of that adversity, they just kind of give up on you. You know, I look at some of my other peers, and they went through similar situations and they can bounce back and still get the same opportunities. I mean, I would be lying to say it doesn’t suck, but these are the cards I’ve been dealt, and all I can do is deal with it to the best of my ability.”

Cousins will be a free agent again this summer. He says he has enjoyed his time in Denver and would like to come back. But he admits he still pines for a bigger role. He hopes his stint in Denver has shown the league that, at 31, he still has a lot left. “I feel great,” Cousins says. “I know I’m healthy again, I know my body can hold up to everything I’m trying to do out there to play at a high level. I’m grateful for this opportunity, and I appreciate Mike giving me a chance, believing in my talents. We’ll see what happens.”

DeMarcus Cousins: Then Milwaukee came around. I thought I had found a home. Everything went smoothly. Another situation where I still don’t really understand that situation. They say it was for financial flexibility that [I was waived]. I’m not buying it. So, I don’t know. I’ve always been a firm believer everything happens for a reason, so this place [Denver] found me, and it’s been good. It’s been a good fit on both sides. They appreciate my value. It’s mostly been smooth since then.

DeMarcus Cousins: That same night that they cut me I ended up hurting my calf that night as well, so I ended up with a calf strain. I didn’t even shower. I didn’t even take off my uniform before they told me they were cutting me. It’s just that side of the business that people will never really understand. [NBA teams are] just brutal as f—. It’s brutal, man. And then the weird part about it, the part that sucks the most, they can give you whatever excuse they want. They can give the media, the public whatever excuse they want and then not even be the truth. And you’ll know for yourself that it’s bull—-.

Shot-blocker Hassan Whiteside could still be bought out by Sacramento and seems to fit Thibodeau’s rim-protecting mold. The Knicks have at the least discussed Cousins despite his baggage. Thibodeau prefers for this group a defensive center alongside All-Star power forward Julius Randle, and wasn’t sure Drummond was the right fit after he and brass viewed film over the last few weeks. The Knicks ultimately will have plenty of cap room on Draft Night to potentially facilitate a deal.

Some within Heat opposed to signing DeMarcus Cousins

Rafael Stone: The timing was good for DeMarcus Cousins to explore other opportunities

John Wall wants DeMarcus Cousins on the Wizards

Wall spoke on the matter Wednesday in an Instagram Live interview with ESPN’s The Undefeated. He told Marc Spears he is still lobbying for the Wizards to sign Cousins, though after years of doing so, he seems to understand full well it is probably still a pipe dream. “Oh man, you know I’m trying to push for that. I’ve been on that for like five years. I want to sign him right now,” Wall said.

DeMarcus Cousins back to Lakers?

A common mistake is to assume that since the Lakers cut Cousins this season, they won’t be able to re-sign him. That’s simply not the case. If rosters expand to 17 players (or if they stay at 15 and the team makes a cut), L.A. could certainly bring Cousins back for the stretch run. Perhaps the confusion is a similar rule. Had Los Angeles traded Cousins to another team and that franchise then chose to release him, the Lakers would be barred from bringing the center back as a free agent this season.
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March 21, 2023 | 10:23 am EDT Update
In six seasons with the Kings, Fox has played for four head coaches (Dave Joerger, Luke Walton, Alvin Gentry, and Mike Brown) and two general managers (Vlade Divac and Monte McNair). With consistently swift changes over the years to his coaches and executives above him, Fox questioned his long-term future. “There were times when you wondered would you still be here?” Fox told HoopsHype. “You could end up being traded as well. I always thought, at some point, the roster would fit together, and everyone would click on all cylinders. My mindset had never been, would this ever work? It was more so when would this work?”

Kyrie Irving on Ja Morant situation: 'There was an overload of judgment'

“I believe any hardship in life builds character,” said Irving who was suspended earlier this season and last year missed more than half of Brooklyn’s games because of his refusal to take the COVID-19 vaccine. “When you’re dealing with particular hardships in the public eye, especially with the media being attracted to just keeping up with what we’re doing, or what’s the next kind of grab or story,” Irving said. “I don’t want to assume anything by every media member, but that’s just the way it seems for me and my perspective, which is there was an overload of judgment on Ja. There was an overload of judgment on what I had going on, and there’s usually an overload of judgment from the public court of opinion.”
One reason Fox and Sabonis have clicked well together was thanks partly to their first conversation together. “With both of us being left-handed, one of us had to go left, and the other had to go right,” Fox explained to HoopsHype. “I told him I’ll go right because when we were scouting against them (Pacers), we would always send their ball handler to the right so he couldn’t roll left. Now, you can’t send him and me to the right.”

Mike Brown on De'Aaron Fox: 'He's barely scratching his potential'

“The crazy part about Fox is he’s barely scratching his potential,” Brown said. “I’m telling you, he’s got a lot of room to grow. I’ve been pleasantly surprised being around him because his ceiling is so high. He’s doing it at the right times. He could literally go out there at the beginning of the games and think about himself and probably average 40. He’s that good. He’s picking the right spots to do it. He’s trying to learn what it means to lead this team not only during games but practices and shootarounds away from the court.”