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Just as the Warriors have done in the past two regular seasons, they have placed higher priority on Cousins’ long-term health than establishing a short-term timetable. Still, Cousins recently posted a video of him hoisting jump shots and driving to the basket. “He’s right on schedule. He hasn’t had any setbacks. He’s doing well,” Kerr said of Cousins. “Beyond that, there’s nothing. No prediction. Especially with an Achilles injury, you have to wait and see how the player responds once he’s on the court and moving at full speed.”

Question: He has said he was aiming to be ready for the season. That seems to have cooled. Where do you think target-wise he could potentially try to return? Myers: I don’t think we’ll know until he does another appointment. He has an appointment in the middle of July and then we’ll know. I think I’ve heard on track, the surgery is somewhere between 8-10 months from the time you have it. But for us, it won’t be: We need you to get out there tonight. It’ll be ramping it up slowly. You can’t really tell with any guy, him or any guy, until they get on the court and do certain things. The goal is for us to have him in the playoffs. That doesn’t mean we’ll wait for the playoffs. When he’s ready to play, he’ll play. We just don’t know when that will be.

If some of the NBA staffers occupying Thomas & Mack felt an unexpected shiver run through their bodies, it might have something to do with the next thing Brand said about Cousins: “I think he’s going to destroy the league once he comes back.” Brand then indicated that “destroy the league” might even be a tempered take, moderated based on his position. “I’m on a management staff, so I can’t talk that much about it,” he started, “but people are going to feel ridiculous for not giving him that money, in my opinion.”

After harboring hopes of returning from an Achilles tear by training camp, DeMarcus Cousins scaled back his expectations while talking to reporters in Las Vegas on Friday. The All-Star center, who officially signed with the Golden State Warriors, told media members that he would re-take the court “when I’m ready.” “I was aiming for training camp, but I’ve kind of communicated with the staff and the coaches,” Cousins said. “It’s kind of up in the air. It’ll be when I’m ready, one hundred percent ready.”

What does “great” mean as far as a timetable for a return? DeMarcus Cousins: “Just at the pace I’m improving, how well I’m improving. Some people may be aware, but they may not know about this injury. Usually you lose a lot of size in your leg and it takes a while to get that size basically where you have matching legs. For me, I didn’t lose any size in my leg, so that’s something that my doctors and the guys coaching me through this process have been raving about it. They are super excited about it. I didn’t lose much strength. It’s a lot of positives. Like I said, everything’s been great and it’s in the right direction.”

Cousins and Rondo built a strong bond during their days with Sacramento and also played well together in New Orleans. But that connection came to a halt when the Pelicans lost Cousins for the season to a torn left Achilles tendon on Jan. 28 against the Houston Rockets. Cousins was averaging 25.2 points, 12.9 rebounds and 5.4 assists per game. “I think ‘Cuz’ is doing well,” Rondo said. “He texted me right after [Game 2] with some encouraging words. He told me, ‘Way to fight,’ and he had a couple other things to say. He texts me all the time. He is still a really good friend of mine and one of the very best I’ve ever played with.”
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Cousins will be sitting courtside at the Smoothie King Center for the first time since he tore his Achilles in January. Up until this week, Cousins had been rehabbing in Los Angeles and was restricted from air travel. He did join the team for two road games in L.A., though. “It means a lot to us. I think it means a lot to him, as well, to be here supporting us,” Davis said after Cousins was at the team’s morning shootaround, chatting with teammates and coaches while wearing a walking boot on his left foot. “To be here, to be in front of his fans … it’s gonna be fun to see him back on the bench.”
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As New Orleans star Anthony Davis prepares for the second half of the season with the Pelicans holding on to the eighth seed in the Western Conference, he still thinks about what could have been this year had teammate DeMarcus Cousins not ruptured his Achilles. “We could have gone through the playoffs. No one could really stop us as bigs. We go to the Finals if we went,” Davis told ESPN’s Rachel Nichols in an interview over All-Star weekend. [Teammate Rajon Rondo] reminds us of it: ‘You guys are the two best bigs. I know what it takes to win championships; we got it.’”

A 2013 research paper published in The American Journal of Sports Medicine found that of 18 NBA players who ruptured their Achilles over 23 seasons, only eight returned to play for longer than one season. A player of Cousins’s caliber is naturally likely to return to the court, but those that do make it back onto the court have mixed results. Players like Elton Brand and Wes Matthews were never the same after returning. Isiah Thomas suffered a ruptured Achilles at age 32, then retired. Dominique Wilkins also had the same injury at age 32, then played until he was 39 and was named to two more All-NBA teams.

Cousins is a much bigger human being than Matthews and nobody can predict how he’ll come back from a major injury like this. “But at the same time, he’s not like (high-flyers) Blake Griffin or DeAndre Jordan,” Matthews said. “He’s skill-based. But obviously, you’re going to lose a step for a little bit. And more than anything, it’s a mental game. I believe he’s got the mentality to deal with and be stronger from it. But it’s a long road. There’s no doubt about that.”

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If McCaw doesn’t show up, maybe the Warriors will just stage an open competition and see if one of those younger options seizes the opportunity. But the most likely result remains McCaw’s eventual concession. A similar situation happened with center Alex Len in Phoenix last summer. He didn’t love his $4.2 million qualifying offer. He dragged the process deep into the summer. He finally accepted it on Sept. 21, right before camp.
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Wade, 36, waited until the end of the video before revealing his choice. He began by stating the reasons he considered walking away. The red-eye flights, nightly ice baths and hours on the training table were all factors but nothing made retirement look more appealing than spending more time with family. “Is it selfish of me wanting to continue being away from family,” Wade said. “Can I miss my son’s games? Can I miss my son? Can I not be there in moments that they need me? Can I not read to my kids as much as I want. Can I not be there to support my wife? It’s all these things.”
Before entering the league in 2003, Wade always thought time was forever on his side. He was quickly corrected by veteran teammates. Sixteen years later, the warnings proved true. “When you first come in the league, the vets tell you, they say, `Young fella, it’s going to go by fast,’” Wade said in the video. “You think at that time, `I’m just getting started.’ … I’m here to tell you it goes by fast. It’s been a tough summer. This has been a summer for me that not a lot of athletes want to see this time come, where you have to decide if you want to continue to play the game that you love.”’
One day after the statements of Greek federation president, Giorgos Vasilakopoulos, about Giannis Antetokounmpo and his possible participation with the Greek national team in the upcoming FIBA World Cup, Giannis’ agent Giorgos Panou revealed that there’s a gap in the relationship between the Greek freak and the federation. Vasilakopoulos said that “Giannis’ agents will decide if he will play in the World Cup. It’s a parasitic profession“. Panou, who was among the targets of this attack, answered while speaking to “Sport FM radio“: “I have to say that I speak for myself and not on behalf of Giannis. I know Giannis since he was 14 years old and I have to clarify some things about him because he never gave the right to anyone to present him as a marionette or a pawn. Mister Vasilakopoulos once more insults one of the top Greek players and presents him having no free will. The truth is the exact opposite. Last year the Federation attacked the Bucks, this year the problem is the agents. However two years ago Vasilakopoulos called without shame Giannis and his brother Thanasis to their faces “leashed bears” who were parading around Greece in the events that they organized themselves. That morning Giannis decided to stay silent, respecting the age and the mantle of the president. However, two people with such different perception of reality can’t co-exist. That’s why Giannis decided to announce himself that he was not able to play in Eurobasket 2017 due to his knee injury”.
That’s not so much the case with Popovich, whose playcalling archives are on a Library of Alexandria level. “Pop might call a play and I’ll go through my notes and see that the last time he called it was eight years ago,” says a West scout. “But it will be the same term, same hand signal, same play.” The notoriously clandestine Popovich would likely never reveal its contents, but his playbook must contain thousands of well-archived designs, accumulated through over two decades of Spurs stewardship.
It’s that skill — the ability to probe, report and understand the biggest personalities around the league, as well as his first-rate connections — that led the Clippers to pursue Jenkins. “I ask all the time when I’m working on a story: ‘Who is he? Who is he? Who is he?’ ” Jenkins told The Washington Post in an interview Tuesday. “We run around with that question in our head, and it’s a worthwhile question for sports teams to ask about players.” Jenkins will not report on the Clippers, nor will he help craft presentations for free agents — the kinds of things a communications job might entail. “He’s not writing for the website, he’s not in human resources, he’s not a marketer,” Frank told The Post. “This is about a guy who has relentless curiosity, and we are going to use those skills.”