NBA Rumor: Draymond Green Trade?

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Golden State has been upfront about building something for the future. If that’s true, it does make sense to use this to that end. The Warriors could fine him (and maybe did privately). They could suspend him, which they’ve done before. They could trade him, but if they didn’t do it before, it doesn’t make sense to do it from this position of weakness. If the Warriors are going to move on from a franchise legend, it should be because they have a better option in place and not as a form of chastisement.

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Draymond Green a trade candidate?

According to one NBA insider, Draymond Green would be the first to go if Golden State tanks for a second year in a row. Yahoo Sports’ Chris Haynes says Green needs to perform this season if he wants to remain a Warrior. “I’ll say this. If Draymond comes back and they don’t fare well, we could see a scenario where Draymond will be put out in the market for trade bait,” Haynes said on the latest episode of the Posted Up podcast. “We could see that, the way this franchise is going.”

Several executives consider moving Green as something the Warriors should at least consider, whether it is for a proven talent or a potential one. “He’s [30], he’s going to get a lot of money and his mouth continues to move,” the Eastern Conference talent evaluator says. “They could probably get another lottery pick for Draymond,” the Eastern Conference GM says. Adds the Western Conference executive, “The Draymond Green trick is over.”
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