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Evan Mobley taking step forward in recovery

On Saturday, Mobley took another step forward in his recovery. He was able to test his elbow injury, back using his dominant right hand. After practice concluded and many of his teammates were already in the locker room, Mobley was working with team trainers at the basket nearest Bickerstaff’s office. Mobley started with light, right-handed shooting — baseline jumpers, free throws, mid-rangers. Even though the workout wasn’t anything extensive, it was a noticeable change from days earlier in Brooklyn.

Then, the promising youngster did some resistance tests, extending both arms against a padded stand-up bag. He finished the workout by once again switching to the left hand, flipping in jump hooks, bank shots and floaters. “I love to see Evan on the floor no matter what he’s doing,” Bickerstaff said with a smile. “He’s making progress. It’s just a matter of the healing and the pain tolerance and those things, but we won’t do anything to jeopardize him long term. As long as he progresses, we’ll keep moving ahead.”
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November 28, 2021 | 12:08 am EST Update
But when the Timberwolves needed a defensive stop down one in their 121-120 double overtime victory over Philadelphia, the Wolves weren’t taking Russell off the floor. He delivered with a steal that led to the winning bucket from Taurean Prince with 4.8 seconds remaining in the second overtime. “Criticism, I try to stay away from it,” Russell said. “My boys criticize me more than media.” His boys were singing his praises after Saturday. “That’s probably one of the best D’Angelo Russell performances I’ve ever seen,” Towns said. “I’ve seen him get 50 against us, but the difference between this game and that game … is the defense he played as well as the offense he gave us.”