NBA Rumor: Festus Ezeli Comeback?

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Festus Ezeli hopes to make NBA comeback

Finally, Ezeli told himself, the time had come to contact teams in hopes of returning to the NBA. When the G League season starts next week at a bubble environment in Orlando, Ezeli will be part of a waiver pool that allows franchises to claim him. At any point over the following month or so, he could receive a call from someone asking him to pack his bags, board a flight to Florida and play his first pro game in nearly half a decade. At age 31 with an extensive injury history, Ezeli is an unlikely member of basketball’s striving class. In 2016, while with the Trail Blazers after the Warriors renounced his rights in order to sign Kevin Durant, he was diagnosed with a defect in the cartilage of his left knee. Doctors told Ezeli that he needed experimental surgery. His playing days almost certainly seemed over.

As Ezeli spent six months post-surgery confined to a wheelchair and relying on help to use the bathroom, he sank into a deep depression. Basketball had become fundamental to his identity. Without it, he felt lost. “Depression is an understatement,” Ezeli said of that dark period. “Until that point, I never understood the importance of mental health. … But not being able to walk on your own for half a year, you definitely become close friends with depression.”

Traditional centers like Ezeli were replaced by basketball unicorns: interior defenders who also can hit 3-pointers, pass and guard any position. Even Ezeli’s close friends and family encouraged him to consider other career options. Genial and articulate, Ezeli could find success in broadcasting. There also was the economics degree from Vanderbilt he had yet to use. But after having the sport he loves taken away in the heart of his prime, Ezeli knew he’d have regrets if he didn’t try again. As he eased back into basketball, he posted updates to Instagram with the hashtag #RebuildingTheBeast.

The Instagram page has nearly 3,000 followers. Ezeli plans to soon publish a “Rebuilding The Beast” podcast series, with interviews from people who’ve overcome personal challenges. Warriors head coach Steve Kerr, whose father was assassinated in 1984 by two gunmen outside his office in Beirut, is one of Ezeli’s first guests. “I love his zest for life,” Kerr said of Ezeli. “His desire to play, his engagement in trying to make that happen. I love all of that, and I sure hope it happens for him.”
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