NBA Rumor: Ja Morant Injury

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For Ja Morant, he was to be sidelined for three to four weeks after a minor knee procedure. Approximately one week later, here he is. Back on the court. Plus, it looks as if he has not been slowed one bit, though it was not five-on-five contact action. Morant’s camp released a clip of the point guard’s hot outside shooting on Tuesday, followed by another clip of him throwing down a couple of light two-handed dunks. Ja’s camp confirmed to Beale Street Bears that the video clips were filmed on June 11th.

Morant underwent minor arthroscopic surgery on his right knee to clear out a loose body that could have created some longer term issues if left alone. In that vein, sources around the league classified the procedure as preventative in nature. It will have no effect on his draft positioning, and is not considered to be a serious issue. He’ll be recovered in three-to-four weeks. League sources were unsure if Morant would play in summer league or not, as a four-week timeline for recovery lines up right around the start of the event. Unquestionably, the Grizzlies will take a cautious approach given the importance of Morant long-term to their organization.
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January 19, 2021 | 3:28 am EST Update

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