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3 years ago via ESPN

Significant financial savings in Washington with the Otto Porter trade to Chicago. The Wizards tax bill for this season now drops from $8.96M to $3.34M. The team is now $2.3M below the tax threshold. For 2019-20, Washington now has $89.5M in guaranteed contracts, a savings of $28M. Jabari Parker has a $20M team option that needs to be exercised by June 29. Bobby Portis is on an expiring contract and the Wizards will have until the end of June to submit a $3.6M Qualifying Offer.

Not that trading Lopez or Parker would be considered a blockbuster. The Bulls merely are trying to gain an asset from two players on expiring contracts — Parker carries a $20 million team option for 2019-20 that almost certainly won’t be exercised no matter what team he’s on come Friday — who don’t fit in their future plans. The Lakers and Jazz have inquired on Parker, sources said.
3 years ago via ESPN

Brian Windhorst: “Caldwell-Pope is available and has been floated out there for some spots. One place that they have talked to, now I’m not saying this deal is going to get done, but one place they have talked to is Chicago for Jabari Parker. And the thing about this is Caldwell-Pope has to approve of a trade … I’m not sure that’s going to get done but that’s been discussed. The Bulls really like Caldwell-Pope … Jabari Parker could be a Laker within the next few days. Jabari is a polarizing player but he might be interesting on the Lakers.”

“It’s definitely something [the Feb. 7 trade deadline] my agent deals with,” Parker was saying Wednesday before the Bulls victory over the Miami Heat amidst cascading reports of a busy trade week that began with Anthony Davis’ trade request. “Right now I have more important things like playing the game and being prepared to get better. Those things sometimes can be a distraction, worrying about logistics. I’ve never handled that before. I’ve never been in trade rumors. This is kind of the first time, so just trying to do good things in the mean time.” “It’s just part of the business,” Parker agreed. “It’s nothing that I am bothered by. I understand a team needs you and a team doesn’t want you; that’s just how it goes.”

Citing Parker’s practice habits and lack of defensive commitment, Boylen pulled Parker from the rotation after only five games on the job. Parker was inactive for nine straight games and 12 out of 13 as the Bulls kept sinking further into the abyss. After Friday night’s 106-101 loss to the Clippers, the Bulls are 11-38 and heading back to the draft lottery. “He’s a 23-year-old guy who’s younger than a lot of rookies in the league,” Bartelstein said. “He’s an immense, immense talent. When you watch him play the past couple of weeks, that talent level oozes out. You see it. It hasn’t gone the way we had hoped in Chicago, but the goal right now is to figure out how to make things a whole lot better. The talent level is undeniable. We’re just taking every day and trying to figure out what the best solution is.”

Indeed, Parker returned to the rotation on Jan. 12 and played well in five straight games off the bench before being held out of Wednesday night’s game with the knee issue. Multiple league sources confirmed Bartelstein is working with the Bulls to find a trade solution, so Parker’s increased role could be a thinly veiled effort to showcase him to potential suitors. “If they’ve decided to play him more, that’s why,” a rival executive said. (Boylen, however, said Wednesday in a radio interview with 670 The Score in Chicago that Parker is playing more because he’s practicing better.)

Either way, two rival executives told B/R that the Bulls’ search for a trade partner could prove futile. Given how things have gone for Parker in Chicago, it’s clear to all potentially interested teams that the Bulls aren’t picking up Parker’s $20 million option for next season. If you could sit back and get a former No. 2 overall pick who’s not yet 25 for a whole lot cheaper as a free agent a few months from now, why would you give up an asset and take on his contract for the rest of the season? “They’ll try to trade him for anything they can get,” one of the rival execs said. “It’s going to have to be an expiring contract, but how many teams have expiring contracts that can stack up to [$20 million]? Not many. I think they’ll just buy him out.”

Defense remains an issue for Kanter but his skillset — top-level rebounding and inside scoring — is such that he can help a playoff team off the bench. The Knicks are actively trying to deal the 26-year-old international, who is coping with a very public and emotionally taxing battle with the Turkish government. Kanter has an $18 million expiring contract that could be a vehicle to acquiring an asset (draft pick, young player), which is the Knicks’ preference. However, the market has not been robust. There had been preliminary discussions involving the Knicks taking back Jabari Parker, but there needed to be a third team to take Kanter.

Because Parker makes $20 million this year, and because the Bulls want to take back no players with contracts that stretch past this season, Parker would most likely have to be involved in a multi-team trade with one team under the cap. The Knicks and Pelicans have interest in Parker, according to league sources, but Chicago would not be willing to take back Courtney Lee from New York or Solomon Hill from New Orleans, making a three-team deal the only way Parker could wind up in either spot.

The Kings could still be an option for that third team and, according to sources, have been separately negotiating a straight swap for Kanter. One scenario is Kanter for Zach Randolph and Kosta Koufos. As the Daily News reported, the Knicks would need a “sweetener” to make such a trade work with the Kings, such as a second-round pick. Whether Parker fits that “sweetener” description is unclear, but ESPN reported in December the Knicks expressed interest in dealing for the 23-year-old.

“We were all on board with (signing Parker),” said Paxson. “That’s all in the past. We’re not even going to worry about that. With the situation the way it is, we’ll look and see if Jabari gets an opportunity. This thing will be fluid. We have a month until the trade deadline. A lot can happen. We feel really good about getting something done a month early. It’s all in building a team. Given where we were at and where we are at today, trying to roll the dice on a young talent (like Parker) is not a bad thing. A lot of teams have had success doing that. The one thing that we continue to do and we think we’re on the right track with is if something doesn’t work, it’s not going to be a long-term issue for us. We’ll continue to operate that way.”

He exuded sincerity when he said his hefty paycheck didn’t assuage the frustration of falling completely out of the rotation when healthy for the first time in his career. “Even when I was in Milwaukee, they knew what type of player I was. They kind of treated me accordingly. It’s just different,” Parker said. “I’ve been consistent. Even in the beginning, it wasn’t easy, right? It wasn’t like a fair chance. They took me out of the lineup. I stayed professional. I didn’t pout. I kept going. And then as I started getting better and better, it ended right there. It was unfortunate because I felt I was improving. And I just wish I had a little bit more chance.”

The Warriors don’t have the spare assets to engage in meaningful trade business before the deadline. Golden State also hasn’t made a single in-season trade since its championship run began with the 2014-15 season. No team, though, is likely to be more attractive to veterans who become free agents in February than the two-time reigning champions. One name to file away here: Chicago’s Robin Lopez. The Bulls have made Lopez available via trade along with the former No. 2 overall draft pick Jabari Parker, according to league sources, but moving the experienced center isn’t so simple given his $14.4 million salary.

So as news began to surface that the Jazz are among the teams reportedly interested in Chicago Bulls forward Jabari Parker, according to The Ringer’s Kevin O’Connor, Favors doesn’t think too deep about it although his name is linked to a potential deal. “I was telling one of the coaches, I could go back years and years ago and I can name each guy I was supposed to get traded for,” Favors said ahead of the Jazz-Rockets game. “Every year, I can just name them so I have fun with it, I enjoy it.

“In my year and a quarter that I’ve been here, he’s been supposed to be traded and from what I’ve been told in the league, guys don’t react to that kindly,” Mitchell said. “They just take exception to that kind of stuff and stop caring but it’s not that way with Fave, and I think that’s a unique talent that you need to put all that to the wayside and focus in on the game-to-day basis. “We care about Fave, he cares about us and I think that kind of shows with the way he’s been playing, with the way he’s acted,” he continued. “It’s easy to kind of say, ‘alright, whatever I’m done,’ but he’s on it everyday. He’s one of the first guys there, always putting in work, working extra, working hard, kind of letting us know what he sees and to have a guy like that, especially for a young guy like me, I’m very lucky.”

The Utah Jazz are one of the teams interested in Parker, according to multiple league sources. Derrick Favors is an awkward fit next to center Rudy Gobert, and his $16.9 million on the books for next season is non-guaranteed, meaning he could be one of the pieces involved. Favors can’t be traded until January 15, so Chicago would have to wait. Would it be worth it? The Bulls are loaded with young bigs, so it’s hard to see them taking back Favors unless additional assets are included. Utah has all of its future picks, except for a 2020 second-rounder going to the Cavaliers, and has two other seconds incoming.

Parker said he leans upon his father, former NBA player Sonny Parker, for support. “I take it upon myself to do what I can first and foremost. But my person that I go to as my mentor is my father because my father played in the league. Everything I know comes from him. My basketball credentials are very credible because of my dad,” Parker said. “He tells me the truth. He tells me what it takes. He never feeds me negativity. It’s always what I can control. It’s never pointing a finger. That’s what I love so much about my father.”

Jabari Parker likely leaving Bucks

Paul Henning: Take it for what it is. But, @GeryWoelfel is close to Jabari and the Parker family. This morning @1057FMTheFan he reports Jabari was “very, very close to being traded” at deadline, feels there is “slim to none” chances that Jabari is on Bucks next season. Describing it as a mutual fallout between Bucks/Jabari that is rooted in Kidd’s treatment of Jabari since he was drafted. Bucks hold the cards with Jabari’s Restricted Free Agency ability to match. But, losing Jabari for nothing would be a huge blow to this teams future.

The Bucks have been looking for frontcourt help for some time. The dark horse candidate for the Bucks could be Miami’s Hassan Whiteside, but sources close to the HEAT continue to say its unlikely they are going to make him available in trade, but admitted teams have called, meaning Miami has options. The Bucks seem open to adding to their monster payroll now. The question becomes what to do with would be free agent Jabari Parker, who is still rehabbing from an ACL injury and may not be able to play until early March.
4 years ago via ESPN

It will be fascinating to watch how they evolve. Milwaukee will investigate DeAndre Jordan, and that is another future version of this team: Antetokounmpo running pick-and-roll with a lob dunker, shooters surrounding them. That would also require something of a stylistic overhaul; Kidd has favored a more egalitarian motion offense, with cuts and handoffs swirling around the elbows. The Bucks can’t pay all of Antetokounmpo, Bledsoe, Parker, Middleton, Tony Snell, and Jordan. They almost certainly can’t get Jordan without giving up one of their good and expensive rotation guys, anyway. (I would be very surprised if they flipped Parker for Jordan, to be clear.)

Celtics' trade offers rebuffed

The Boston Celtics have been pursuing a number of established veterans in the buildup to Thursday’s NBA draft, offering trade packages built around the No. 3 overall pick, according to league sources. But sources told ESPN that the Celtics, to date, have been rebuffed in their efforts to assemble a sufficiently enticing deal to acquire any of these four prime targets: Chicago Bulls All-Star swingman Jimmy Butler, Utah Jazz guard Gordon Hayward and Milwaukee Bucks teammates Jabari Parker or Khris Middleton.
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September 16, 2021 | 1:03 pm EDT Update

Cameron Oliver back to the NBA

The Cairns Taipans have announced that high-flying import Cameron Oliver will not be returning to the NBL this season, and instead accept an Exhibit 10 contract in California. The club originally signed Oliver with the intentions of providing him with a pathway to a higher level and are thrilled that he is one step closer to the NBA. After a stellar debut with the Taipans, Oliver committed to a new two-year deal in 2020. His second season with the club was cut short due to family reasons, which the club accepted and provided him with a release to return home to the US. He received a 10-day contract with the Houston Rockets towards the end of the 2020-21 NBA season and in August suited up for the Golden State Warriors at Summer League.
“This is such a positive outcome. Cam said that he has never felt this close to his NBA dream, and this is exactly what we want. It speaks volumes of the Taipans organisation because they took a chance on him and look where he is now,” said Coach Forde. “I came into this role knowing that Cam was on the fringe of the NBA – so we have been diligently planning for this possibility and it’s fortunate it’s at this time, during the pre-season. We’ve been prepared for all scenarios but now we can progress forward with certainty. “I’m so happy for him, the team are extremely proud of him and now we get to move forward, sign another talented player and focus on winning a Championship for Cairns.”
Garza, who was the 52nd overall pick, was named to the All-Summer League second team after averaging 15 points, 9.6 rebounds, 1.8 assists and one blocked shot in five games with the Pistons. He finished off his stay in Las Vegas with his best game, recording 21 points and 15 rebounds. According to Ian Begley of SNY, the Pistons are expected to convert Garza’s two-way contract to a standard NBA deal prior to the start of the season. Detroit would then have an open two-way spot they could use to sign an additional player.
What is your take on the Zach LaVine FA rumors in 2022? How realistic is it for the Celtics financially and roster wise? Thanks, Jeff. Brian Robb: LaVine is a name that has been floated for a little bit as a potential target for Boston if Bradley Beal elects to stay put in Washington. His age and position do line up fairly well among Boston’s current group, however, there are some significant obstacles in any pursuit of the shooting guard during the next year.
A potential Celtics free agent target could be Chicago’s Zach LaVine, who is entering the final year of his contract. He will have to prove he can lead the Bulls to the playoffs before a contract extension. LaVine changed representation recently and signed with Klutch Sports, which is usually the move for players who want to maximize their free agent potential. LaVine, 26, just coming off helping Team USA to the gold medal, will ask for a maximum contract in the open market. The Olympic experience may have enhanced LaVine’s value because he was asked to be a three-and-D player, sparking the Americans with his full-court defense and ability to run the floor. In the case that Bradley Beal decides to stay in Washington, LaVine could be the Celtics’ No. 1 target. The Bulls, who added DeMar DeRozan and Lonzo Ball in the offseason, have full intentions to be a factor in the Eastern Conference .