NBA Rumor: James Nunnally Free Agency

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Mark Berman: Update from agent Bill Neff on forward James Nunnally (@James Nunnally) who became a free agent again Monday when he was waived by the Rockets, who have an open roster spot after the completion of the Carmelo Anthony trade to the Bulls:

3 years ago via ESPN

The Rockets will need to trade a player to a team with an open roster spot, or waive a player, before signing Faried. It is possible for Houston to hold off on signing Faried to find a way to create the roster spot, but there’s a need to get him into the team’s depleted frontcourt as soon as Monday night against the 76ers. The cleanest solution to the Rockets clearing a roster spot without a trade is releasing James Nunnally five days early from his 10-day contract. The contract signed on Jan. 16 is set to expire Jan. 25. Nunnally would not need to be waived.
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May 26, 2022 | 6:49 pm EDT Update