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Dudley wants to be more than just an ambassador for the NBA; he wants to be involved in the development of players, and the best way to do that is to stay involved with a team: “It’s coach or GM, that’s what it is. I’m leaning towards coaching just because if you get fired, you can be an assistant. I could go into TV. General manager is a little different. I would prefer to be able to control the team like a general manager, but it’s different because once you get fired from being a GM, can you be an assistant GM? It’s tough, man, and you’ve got to work your way up, just like coaching.”

Jared Dudley wants back with Lakers

During his recent appearance on “The Lakers Nation Podcast,” Dudely allowed for the possibility that he won’t be brought back, but also made his case for a roster spot. “You never know what (the future) holds, but it’s just such a perfect marriage between me and the Lakers. It’s a championship team, and you need veteran experience on the bench. I’m in the later part of my career where it’s like having another coach on the bench, but at the same time if you look at the analytics side — if you’re big into analytics — you look at my plus-minus, you look at my defensive rating, offensive rating when I’m in there, I can still play. “Now, on this team I don’t need to because we have better players than me, but for a team that is going to miss guys throughout the year through resting, through whatever, potentially corona, it’s good to have vets towards the end to be able to help out.”

“I would love to be back with the Lakers. In the back of my mind I expect it, but you just never know how business goes. I mean, I thought I could have gone back to Brooklyn (last summer). Brooklyn offered me, but I chose the Lakers instead. I wanted to go to the Lakers, but I didn’t know if the Lakers wanted me. So stuff happens at the end, but I’m from California, we just won a championship, you would think that not only myself, but the Lakers, they want to bring back most guys. Sometimes it’s a business, you try to improve the team, but when it comes to the chemistry we had, you don’t want to mess too much with it.”

With that final career milestone out of the way, Dudley, 35, could just call it a career like many players in his position have. Dudley’s not ready, though. In fact, during a recent appearance on “The Bill Simmons Podcast,” the 13-year veteran — who will be a free agent this summer — started campaigning for his return to the Lakers: “For one, I’m coming back. Listen, I’ll go to Rob Pelinka’s front door and knock on the door. I’m coming back. They need me on the backside of the bench and practices.”

Jared Dudley eyeing Boston move?

Free agency begins July 1 and there is already one player interested in joining the Celtics. Former Boston College swingman Jared Dudley, who enjoyed a solid bounce-back year for the Brooklyn Nets as a team leader, agitator, and 3-pointer shooter, is interested in returning to his college city to play for the Celtics, according to a league source. Dudley turns 34 in July and played in 59 games for the Nets, starting 25. He shot 35.1 percent from the 3-point line, his worst clip since his rookie season but still respectable.

Through the course of the show Dudley and Russell hit on everything and anything, with a specific focus on the Celtics who the former made clear that he would love to join: “To be honest with you when you listen to people, a lot of these sports writers on your show are pretty accurate. I think I would be a pretty good fit for Boston in the sense that they need shooting. You can never have too much veteran leadership. They’re a team that’s obviously led by Brad Stevens who is a great coach and they’ve done well, but the key to a young team is developing that young talent. They have the number three pick here in the draft and you can never have (enough) people who know how to play the right way, know their role.”

It was both pleasing and stunning to hear. Dudley was basically making a pitch to the C’s about why he’d be a perfect fit to join Boston and came fully loaded with examples of the kind of impact he has had in a locker room in the past: “I think your reputation goes a long way, I think me playing in Milwaukee where a lot of players would dread going. To have a role player that embraces going to any situation, being professional… I went in and spoke to J.Kidd and told him he needs to start Giannis (Antetokounmpo). I don’t know too many veterans who are doing that. He’s the future, I know I’m not the future, I know I’m better serving that team off the bench…for this team to make that leap I knew he needed to start…staying on him at practice, the kid was only 19 years old…on teams that have a young team…they need to find good veterans…that will do more than their salary.”

Under-the-radar free agent: Jared Dudley, Washington. Dudley, 30, is the ultimate teammate and professional. Dudley and John Wall have kept Washington afloat during a tough period when injuries have ravaged the Wizards. More substance to his game than flash, the nine-year veteran has posted career bests of 47.5 percent shooting from 2-point range and 43.1 percent from 3 this season. He can play both wing positions and can even shift to PF if a team elects to go small. Dudley has not missed a game this season and has only missed 19 since 2011-12.
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