NBA Rumor: Jarron Collins Head Coach?

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“This is about myself and my own personal growth,” Collins told ESPN’s The Undefeated. “I had a conversation with (head coach) Steve (Kerr) and the Warriors. I’ve been there seven years and coached Hall of Fame players. We’ve won championships. I learned so much. For me, this is about taking the next journey and next step in my career. “Obviously, Steve Kerr is the head coach and Mike Brown is the lead assistant. It’s time for me to step out and see whatever opportunities are out there for me.”

“I’m going to really miss Jarron, both personally and professionally,” Kerr told The Undefeated in a statement. “He’s an excellent coach and a wonderful human being. It’s going to be different without him around, but he deserves the chance to continue his growth with the goal of ultimately becoming a head coach in the NBA. Jarron has all the skills necessary. He’s a great teacher and communicator, he’s smart and funny, and he knows the game.”

“I think it’s super beneficial for me as one of my player-development coaches,” forward Marquese Chriss said of working with Collins. “I feel like I have the same kind of mind-set with guys like that, so it’s been helpful for me and helpful for other players on the team.” Other franchises have taken notice. Over the past two years, Collins has interviewed for head-coaching jobs with the Hawks and Grizzlies. Many in the Warriors’ organization believe that his basketball IQ, experience under respected mentors and ability to relate to players ensure that he’ll soon lead a team of his own.
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June 25, 2021 | 12:06 am EDT Update