NBA Rumor: JaVale McGee Trade?

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McGee, the 33-year-old backup center with three NBA championships, has generated interest with multiple contenders, one of which, sources say, is from the Eastern Conference. Brooklyn is a logical fit. The Boston Celtics are also said to be hunting more size. The center-needy Portland Trail Blazers have also been linked to McGee. The Cavs have no plans of a buyout and aren’t asking much — a second-round pick — which could lead to a deal.

JaVale McGee on the Nets' radar

It’s possible that the Nets could lose out on Drummond. If so, there is another big man to keep an eye on in Brooklyn: JaVale McGee. Per SNY sources, McGee remains on Brooklyn’s radar as a possible roster addition as we inch closer to Thursday’s deadline. Cleveland could trade McGee prior to the deadline or the Cavs could reach a buyout with him. Brooklyn is interested in McGee if he’s bought out. It’s unknown if Brooklyn has interest in trading for McGee. The Nets have limited options via trade but can have open roster spots to add a player like McGee via buyout.

Market heating up for JaVale McGee trade

Several contending teams are beginning to compete for Cleveland Cavaliers center JaVale McGee, and there’s a strong sense about a deal before Thursday’s deadline, sources said. Contenders view McGee as an addition to bolster their frontline for the playoff run. McGee is averaging eight points, 5.2 rebounds and 1.2 blocks per game this season.

Ignoring the noise, McGee showed his value Monday night. To the Cavs. And the rest of the NBA. “It’s definitely hard when you’re in the trade talks as a younger player, but as an older player myself, I’ve been in trade talks plenty of years and plenty of times. I’ve figured out how to block it out, play my game and focus on what I have to do,” McGee said. “Just lock in and play your game. Don’t worry about anything else. All you can control is what you do on the court in the minutes that you’re given.

“The reason I’m having so much fun is I’m in a new environment, I’m in a new city and I love the guys that are here,” Drummond said. “It’s hard not to play hard here, having 12 guys that want to give it their all each and every night. It makes it fun to be out there.” Before the front office takes the next (logical) step toward unclogging the frontcourt by moving either Drummond or cheaper veteran JaVale McGee, who is also on an expiring contract and will garner interest, it’s worth considering how that would affect the team’s chances of staying competitive.

The reports that the Warriors are open to dealing McGee — and at 29, with a $2.1 million veteran minimum contract, there would undoubtedly be interest from teams looking for help in the middle – clearly haven’t affected his preparation. The Utah game is evidence of that. He’s not satisfied with his situation, but he’s been professional about it. “I’m on Finals-contending team, a team trying to win another championship,” McGee says. “That’s a good position to be in, no matter what your role is. I’m trying to focus on that and doing the things that will get me on the floor in more situations.”

Talks about the possibility of McGee leaving the Bay Area have apparently become a hot-button topic among Warriors fans that Golden State general manager Bob Myers felt that it’s best to address the situation without going into much detail of whatever deal he is cooking up with the Bucks. Here’s what Myers had to say when he appeared on 95.7 The Game. “I can’t do [speak about trade rumors]. It doesn’t make sense for me or JaVale or for our team or for the Milwaukee Bucks or anybody to talk about that publicly. I hope the fans understand. Just judge us on what we actually do or don’t do, not on what we’re rumored to do or not do.”

On Wednesday, GM Bob Myers was asked on 95.7 The Game about the possibility of trading McGee. Naturally, he didn’t want to comment, but he briefly spoke to Warriors fans. “I can’t do [talk about trade rumors]. It doesn’t make sense for me or JaVale or for our team or for the Milwaukee Bucks or anybody to talk about that publicly. I hope the fans understand. Just judge us on what we actually do or don’t do, not on what we’re rumored to do or not do,” Myers said.

Myers also addressed McGee’s role going forward with the Warriors. “He was a pro last year. He went through periods were he wasn’t playing. I think he’s been a pro this year, meaning, it’s not always going to swing your way. But one thing I think our players appreicate about Steve [Kerr], and which is something I appreciate working with him, is that he’s very communicative, he’s honest. He’ll go to a player before a game and say ‘Look, this isn’t a good matchup for you.’ You saw Zaza Pachulia being available for Cleveland and Steve started Jordan Bell and didn’t play Zaza and Zaza is starting tonight. So for JaVale, I think the fact that he’s experienced being in and out of the rotation serves him well. And Steve Kerr is not an agenda guy, he’s not a play favorites guy. You can be in the rotation. You can be out of it,” Myers said.
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