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Although Noah was cleared by Knicks doctors on Monday night to resume practicing, the league has yet to weigh in. Only when it does, and approves Noah’s return to the court, can he begin serving the suspension. If he is cleared by the league before the Knicks host the Miami Heat on Wednesday night, he will miss eight games this season and the first 12 of the 2017-18 campaign. “Right now, it’s just starting my suspension as soon as possible,” Noah said. “And moving on from this.”

“I’m more of a kind of a natural guy, juiceball guy, Chinese herbs, African herbs,” Anthony said after the Knicks’ 109-95 victory over the Pistons. “That’s what I’m into. If you look at the banned substances, the list goes on and on. Changes are made that you have no clue. It makes it harder. It’s protocol you have to go through. For me, I stay away from pills — more of a natural guy.” Anthony says Noah is ready to face the consequences. “I feel bad for the situation,” Anthony said. “I’ve talked to him personally. It’s something Jo has come to grips with and face those consequences. He’s ready to man up.”

Joakim Noah could begin his 20-game suspension for failing a drug test as soon as Wednesday, meaning best-case scenario he’ll miss 12 games next season when games actually matter. Noah, who is recovering from knee surgery, was examined by doctors prior to Monday’s game to determine if he can practice again. If Noah is medically cleared, he can train with the team Tuesday and the league will have to start his suspension a day later when New York hosts the Heat — starting the clock with eight games remaining in this lost season.
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The Knicks expected to evaluate Noah later next week to determine if he’ll be able to return to the court this season. Knicks coach Jeff Hornacek told reporters in San Antonio on Saturday that Noah hasn’t yet started on-court work. The Knicks have nine games remaining on their schedule following Saturday’s game against the Spurs, so Noah will serve at least 11 games of the suspension next season.

Jeff Zillgitt‏: Statement from NBPA on Joakim Noah’s 20-game suspension for violating league’s anti-drug policy: “After a thorough investigation, the National Basketball Players Association believes that Joakim Noah did not intentionally or knowingly violate any policy of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). Under the recently negotiated CBA effective July 1, a player’s unintentional ingestion of a prohibited substance would be taken into consideration, and we believe the conduct here would not result in discipline. Unfortunately, the current CBA does not permit such consideration.”
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