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Jock Landale feels he should already be in the NBA. Many talented basketball players would feel the same way, but Landale’s circumstances are more complex. NBA teams had been prepared to sign the Australian big-man to fully guaranteed deals over the past year and a half, but those offers were left untouched. The shambolic nature of the contracts Landale signed in Europe made it practically impossible for him to make the move, forcing those NBA franchises to move on and look elsewhere.

Jock Landale: “At some time soon, I wanna make that transition because I deserve to. I look at [NBA] rosters and guys who get signed over me because I couldn’t sign with an NBA team, and I’m livid. I’m so p—ed off. It doesn’t sit well with me at all. Some teams have signed guys who have panned out better than maybe I would’ve; I don’t necessarily believe that’s the case, but some of those guys have panned out, so credit to them, whatever. I’ve got ambitions, you know.”

Australian big-man Jock Landale has signed with Melbourne United for the 2020-21 NBL season, sources have told ESPN. Landale’s deal is for one year and will make him the NBL’s highest-paid local player, sources said, with the 25-year-old set to suit up for his hometown team after playing in Europe for the first two seasons of his professional career. The contract has an NBA-out clause for the majority of the front portion of the NBL season, sources said.

Zalgiris big man Jock Landale will be playing in a different team next season. With the request of the player, Jock Landale and Zalgiris have mutually agreed to part ways, as the Aussie continues to seek out his dream of playing in the NBA. A member of the Australian men’s national team signed a deal with Zalgiris last summer and had a running contract for next season. After the two sides reached an agreement, the 24-year-old addressed the fans and the Zalgiris organization. “I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for everything you’ve done for the past year. It was such an incredible experience coming to Lithuania and playing for such a historic club and a legendary coach. To the organization, I appreciate what you guys have done. Everyone’s got goals and ambitions, and you really helped me reach mine. You’ve got a fan in me for life.”
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