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JR Smith on Lakers' radar?

NBA champion JR Smith has been out of the league since July, when the Cavs decided to waive him. The 34-year-old marksman has drawn some interest, but it’s the Lakers who are now intrigued. Yahoo Sports’ Chris Haynes recently joined Brandon Robinson on the Scoop B. Radio Podcast. Amid their discussion, Haynes reported the Lakers are giving Smith “a serious look:” “I think the Lakers are giving him a serious look,” Yahoo Sports’ Haynes told Robinson on the Scoop B Radio Podcast. “I think they want to go into the season with the roster they have,” Haynes added. “(They want to) check the first 10, 15 games, see how things are going, check the list of numbers and percentages and see what they lack before they decide what they’re gonna do.”

While the popular belief in the NBA these days is that Andre Iguodala could fill it if he clears waivers with the Memphis Grizzlies, the Lakers may have their eyes set on someone else too: J.R. Smith. “I think the Lakers are giving him a serious look,” Yahoo Sports’ Chris Haynes told me on the Scoop B Radio Podcast. Why?? “Because I think they want to go into the season with the roster they have. Check the first 10, 15 games, see how things are going, check the list of numbers and percentages and see what they lack before they decide what they’re gonna do.”

Showtime Forun: “Right now, Cleveland is trying to trade JR Smith and whichever teams that trades for him will waive him. When he’s waived, it is my belief he’ll end up with the Lakers.” @Chris Haynes | @YahooSportsNBA

“The way I play, it really doesn’t matter, dollars and sense,” Smith said. “Being unrestricted or restricted or free agent coming up, whatever the case may be, I feel I played just as hard knowing I’ll be here next year or if it’s up in the air. I don’t focus on that.” Smith said contract negotiations were “not about myself. It’s about my kids’ kids, leaving something for them. I’ve been living great for X amount of years. It was never about me.”

The 2016 NBA Champion Cleveland Cavaliers have re-signed guard J.R. Smith, General Manager David Griffin announced today from Cleveland Clinic Courts. “Bringing J.R. back as part of our core group was a priority for us,” said Griffin. “He’s a special part of this family and we are very pleased to have reached an agreement that we all can feel good about. We know he can’t wait to get back on the court with his brothers and we are certain that everyone in this organization and city feels the same way.”
4 years ago via ESPN

Sources told that Smith and the Cavs came to terms Friday night on a new pact that will guarantee the mercurial shooting guard $45 million over the next three seasons. The fourth season of the contract is not fully guaranteed, sources told ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, at which point Smith will be 34. But sources say Smith’s final season will become fully guaranteed unless the Cavs waive him shortly after the 2018-19 season.
4 years ago via ESPN

The Cavs offered him between $10 million and $11 million annually — Smith is looking for more, like $15 million. There is also the matter of the length of the contract to be ironed out, and neither side has shown interest in budging. “It is tough,” James said. “His daughter is in school and he lives here. He has daddy responsibilities as well. When we’re on the court we definitely feel him not here. Every time we step out on the floor and don’t see him out on the floor it affects our team, but guys are still trying to put in the work. “Like I said, things should get done soon, hopefully.”

LeBron James upset with JR Smith situation

Tyronn Lue misses JR Smith

It’s believed the two sides are at odds over the length and value of a contract — he declined an option for more than $5 million this season and could make triple that amount in 2016-17, depending on the years in his new deal. “I always hope we can get something done sooner than later,” Lue said. “He’s our starting two guard, and when you look at what he’s brought to the team the last two years, it means a lot. He’s an outside shooter, obviously, and I believe he’s our best defender at guard position.”

Neither J.R. Smith nor Mo Williams arrived in Santa Barbara, Calif., Tuesday for the start of LeBron James’ minicamp this week, multiple sources told For the third consecutive season, James invited his Cavs teammates to work out together ahead of training camp, which begins Monday. The workouts, held this year at the University of California — Santa Barbara, about 90 miles north of James’ Los Angeles home, are voluntary and started Wednesday morning.
4 years ago via ESPN

JR Smith to skip Cavs minicamp

J.R. Smith will not attend the Cleveland Cavaliers minicamp this week in California as he and the team remain at an impasse in contract talks, sources told Cavs players and coaches are gathering for workouts for several days this week in Santa Barbara ahead of the start of training camp next week. The session is meant to create bonding ahead of the season. Last year the team gathered in Miami for a camp that helped launch their eventual championship season.

JR Smith wants $15 million per?

The Cavs are already more than $22 million over the the NBA’s $94 million salary cap. By league rules, they can go over the cap to retain Smith, but couldn’t replace him with a free agent who would command a similar contract. While neither JR Smith nor Rich Paul has ever confirmed this figure, it is believed he’s looking for a contract worth about $15 million annually. The two sides may not be arguing over money so much as the length of the deal — the Cavs would likely prefer a shorter contract.

Smith, believe it or not, is still a free agent with Cleveland’s training camp just weeks away on Sept. 27. He has no idea when he’ll sign with the Cavaliers—“Soon, I hope,” he says. Cleveland is realistically the only team Smith can sign with for the money he’s looking for. So what’s the hold up? “Well, obviously we’re not where we want to be at from a personal standpoint,” says Smith. “But it’s more than just numbers. I don’t want to feel like I’m taking advantage of the Cavs for everything they’ve done for me, and I don’t want them to feel like I’m taking advantage of them. It’s more of a mutual respect thing.” Smith is reportedly seeking a significant increase in salary after making just $5 million despite starting all 21 playoff games. And with the way free agents were compensated this summer—former teammate Timofey Mozgov is getting $64 million over four years from the Lakers, for example—$15 million a year for his services doesn’t seem ridiculous. But the Cavs are still holding out, so there’s a chance he may not get it.

Smith got married over the weekend and was surrounded by his Cavaliers teammates, who posted pictures all over social media. League sources said that Smith and his camp were not overly concerned about reaching a deal, with a belief that the Cavs have put a multi-year offer in the $10 million per year neighborhood on the table weeks ago. They added that Smith and his advisors have been looking for a slightly bigger offer and that waiting things out was simply about leverage and trying to get a slightly better deal.
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