NBA Rumor: JT Thor Going Pro?

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JT Thor: I think I’m going to be one of the best players in the world someday. That’s the confidence that I go in with every day. Ever since I was in high school, I just kept getting better and developing. A few years from now, that is where I see myself. I’m trying to be confident, though, not cocky. But I know that early on, I can do well in catch-and-shoot situations and attacking closeouts and playing with a high motor.

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JT Thor: I’ve gotten a lot bigger since college. I was 200 pounds during the season but I’m about 210 pounds now. My shot looks way better. I’ve been working with trainers in Miami. We’re doing leg workouts, band workouts, dumbbells, incline work. We’re working in the gym two or three times a day. We’ll do work in the morning. We’ll get a lift in. We’ll come back for a night session. The workout consists of movement shots, attacking off the dribble and off closeouts, it’s a lot of reps. I’ve been working out with Jonathan Kuminga and Tre Mann and Romeo Weems. These are potential NBA players. So it’s like, iron sharpens iron.
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July 31, 2021 | 3:05 am EDT Update
Here’s what Wojnarowski reported on ESPN’s morning show ‘Get Up’: “Philadelphia is still asking for a lot. Teams are not willing to be strip-mined to trade for Ben Simmons. They’re going to continue to try and find a way, to see if there’s a deal here as free agency starts. You kind of get another cycle of deal-making here. But he’s four years left on his deal, they’re not going to just give him away in Philly. Whatever they get back for him, they’ve got to believe it continues to make them a championship contender. But they’d like to get a deal done before training camp.”
That pushed Hield to the forefront. But even as the possibility of a deal built around Kyle Kuzma and Harrell began to form, the Lakers kept the door open to a Westbrook deal. Westbrook asserted his voice into the conversation, and per an NBA source, the Wizards pivoted. Just like that, the pieces the Kings liked for Hield were no longer available.