NBA Rumor: Kelly Oubre Trade?

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The most viable option to get Ingles is to see where Oubre Jr. signs and try to convert it into a sign-and-trade. In that scenario, the Warriors would get a traded player exception in exchange for Oubre and they could use that exception to get Ingles, if he is available. But that’s adding $13 million (plus the repeater tax) to what is already the league’s highest payroll. Ingles is good, but is he good enough for Lacob to stomach the added cost? The Warriors could keep the TPE for potential use later, but the same question would come up.

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Kelly Oubre offers the same path for Golden State. And the list of interested parties for both players seems to keep growing, with Dallas, New York and Miami among the teams being mentioned for each talent. New York’s surplus of cap space (at least $50 million in room) makes it unlikely the Knicks would send out any assets back to their crosstown foe, and Dallas would need to cobble together several contracts to match the expected $16-22 million salary range front office figures project for Dinwiddie and Oubre.

Miami could send either Goran Dragic or Andre Iguodala back in either scenario. Both players have team options for the 2021-22 season, therefore Miami would need to exercise those options in this hypothetical. And if Golden State or Brooklyn simply lost Oubre or Dinwiddie, let’s say to Dallas for a three-year, $60 million deal, there’s a scenario where the Mavericks could send back a future second-round pick and in turn create a trade exception for the Warriors or Nets just like Hayward and Boston a year ago.

But during a March 26 press conference, Oubre made headlines when he claimed he “can offer a lot more than coming off the bench.” That statement was in response to a question about whether he’d accept a bench role when Klay Thompson returns from an Achilles injury next season and led many to believe he would seek a starting job elsewhere this offseason. Those comments came a day after the Warriors decided not to deal Oubre at the NBA trade deadline despite fielding several offers for the 6-foot-7 wing. According to league sources, despite several offers from other teams, Golden State was not interested in any enough to part with Oubre.

Nets nearly traded Spencer Dinwiddie for Kelly Oubre

The volume on complaints surely would have been higher had the Nets been successful in their attempts to trade the injured Spencer Dinwiddie for a wing player. Among the options they explored, I’m told, was sending Dinwiddie to Golden State for Kelly Oubre. Golden State rejected those overtures because it is still desperate to make the playoffs. While numerous Oubre trade scenarios came up, Golden State was not going to trade him for someone who couldn’t help the team in the short term.

Kelly Oubre a name to watch on trade market

An NBA roster is stratified into different salary slots. Both the amount and expiration date determine the maneuverability and urgency. Kelly Oubre Jr. is the name to watch for the Warriors in the next seven days. He is sitting on a very tradable $14 million expiring deal and, if it isn’t moved, they run the risk of losing that salary slot if Oubre walks in unrestricted free agency this summer. They won’t be able to turn and have that money elsewhere. They’re capped out.

Kerr knows navigating the 24-7 news cycle is “the flip side” of life in the league and part of his and the players’ jobs, but he admitted Friday on 95.7 The Game’s “Damon, Ratto & Kolsky” that Oubre deserved transparency in this case because the Warriors weren’t shopping him. “I think it’s important for guys to accept it because in the modern life that we live there’s just going to be constant scrutiny and judgment and rumors and all kinds of stuff,” Kerr said. “But I did feel compelled to tell everybody exactly what happened, which was, somebody called us, there wasn’t even an offer made and all of a sudden, it’s on the internet. So that stuff is frustrating when it happens.”

“I tell the players all the time and I told Kelly today, this is where you really earn your money. The basketball part is the easy part. Packing up your family and leaving, getting injured, getting booed, or reading your name in trade rumors, those thing are not easy. So I was really proud of Kelly. He handled it really well. “We texted this afternoon, and I told him just now how proud I was of him, because it’s not easy to play through that stuff, and he came in and had one of his best games.”

In an interview with the Bay Area News Group, coach Steve Kerr said had it not been for Thompson’s injury, the Warriors may not have used the trade exception at all this offseason. “It 100% triggered the Oubre trade,” Kerr said. “I’m not sure we were going to use the TPE if Klay had been healthy. It was more likely that we would have used the mid-level exception, maybe split it up. That’s what we were talking about anyway.”
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August 3, 2021 | 7:43 pm EDT Update
Other cap notes: Derrick Rose’s deal with the Knicks is expected to be via the Early Bird exception, sources confirm. So the Knicks should have roughly $8 million in cap space left over following the deals agreed upon with Rose, Nerlens Noel, Alec Burks and Evan Fournier. All of the contracts agreed to on Monday were not fully guaranteed in the final season, SNY has learned (immediately after the Burks deal was agreed upon, SNY reported that it would be fully guaranteed. We regret the error).

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