NBA Rumor: Kendrick Nunn Trade?

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Your name has popped up in trade rumors a bit over the last year. Do you keep up with trade rumors or do you try to block them out? Kendrick Nunn: “I pretty much block them out unless my agent contacts and tells me that there’s a possibility that I could get traded. Anything on social media and stuff, obviously I’m on there so it comes up and I read it, but I try to just ignore it and stick to what my team tells me.”

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If Nunn and cap flexibility are the players involved, those future picks will have to fly. If we throw Robinson into the mix, it becomes easier to not have to part with future picks. If Herro is involved, there is no need to attach future picks. It’s just hard to see Herro being involved unless they’re acquiring Giannis or Beal in a potential trade. League sources believe a trade for Oladipo wouldn’t even consider including Herro on Miami’s end of it. “Riley hangs up.”

“If I were a new coach, I’d like to coach them together for a year first before trading either, but if I had to pick, I’d trade Embiid,” one Western Conference coach told HoopsHype. “I think Simmons is more versatile. I’d just surround him with shooters and open the floor up like Milwaukee for Giannis. There can be more creativity with Simmons on the offensive end. I would try to trade Embiid to Miami and get some of their young, hungry shooters and guards like Tyler Herro, Kendrick Nunn, Duncan Robinson, etc. Ideally, I’d get Bam, but I doubt Miami would trade him.”
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March 5, 2021 | 2:08 am EST Update

Cavs will have to get creative to trade Andre Drummond

Chris Fedor: There’s a growing belief around the league that the Cavs are going to have to get creative with an Andre Drummond trade. That means three or four teams involved. It’s doable, especially because they have the contract of Cedi Osman and also Taurean Prince. But if they have to go the route of a three or four team, expect Cedi Osman to be part of that deal or talked about as part of that deal.
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However, former Boston Celtics forward and three-time NBA All-Star Antoine Walker says Danny Ainge and the Celtics made the right call in not pulling the trigger on a Harden trade. “I’m not a James Harden guy, and it’s not personal but you can’t win with that style,” Walker said during an appearance on the “All Things Covered” podcast with Patrick Peterson and Bryant McFadden. “He’s in a very unique situation with [Kevin] Durant and Kyrie [Irving], but it remains to be seen … I don’t think you can win with his style. Any time it takes a guy six, seven, eight dribbles to get to where he has to go, that’s a problem. It works today because it’s more of a pick-and-roll league, so he gets away with a lot of things now, but I would not leverage my future for James Harden.”
Admitting he never thought “I’d be in this position,” Harris was asked how he reacted when his agent, Mark Bertelstein, told him the Nets were offering him a four-year deal valued at around $75 million … and why he quickly agreed to the offer. It wasn’t just about money. “I mean I was telling him to take it (laughs). Part of it too is the level of familiarity, comfortability with Brooklyn. Obviously, I’ve been here from the time Sean has been here and a number of other people who’ve been on the staff. They know what I’m about, they know where my value is.
In a lengthy and fascinating podcast with ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski earlier this week, Harris touched on a number of aspects of his career, offering detailed perspectives on how the Nets resurrected his career from near-zero to now and what he sees in his teammates, in particular James Harden, and his head coach, Steve Nash. The longest-serving Net offered heaps of praise for Harden as a player … and teammate. “First and foremost, James is an incredible basketball player. I think the one thing that is pretty underrated in his game is his ability to pass the ball. He’s by far the best passer I’ve ever played with (and Harris played with LeBron) and just like you mentioned, if you get an even a sliver of space, the defense might relax whatever, the ball’s coming your way.
“He really reminds me of playing with D’Angelo (Russell). DLo was an unbelievable passer when he was here in Brooklyn, being able to control the game, facilitate, But James because people are worried about him his offensive ability to score he sort of lulls people to sleep every now and then. There’ve been a number of times this season where he might have the ball and you think he’s going to be giving in to a stepback and attack the rim he’s kind of lulling the defense to sleep and (laughs) the ball comes instantly to your hands wherever you might be. It makes my job easy because I know that the ball is coming my way more often than not. I have room and rhythm and I have to be aggressive taking those shots.”
Is this Utah Jazz team legitimate? Jordan Clarkson: Yeah, I think we are legitimate. We’ve got a lot of talented guys that can make plays. We’ve got a defensive anchor, Rudy Gobert, Derrick Favors coming out of the bench for us. Royce O’Neale I’ve been calling him like ‘First team all-defense’ because he goes out there every night. And he gets the best player on the floor. He’s doing all the hard work while we’re out there shooting threes and making it look pretty. But yeah, we got two big time stars in Donovan Mitchell and Rudy… My thing has always been day to day, waking up the next day, we just try to be better than that day and win the game.