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Michael Malone: And we’ve got competitors. Like, Kenneth Faried wants to play but he’s putting the team above his own personal situation which I think is a sign of a team that has a great comradere, that has great chemistry, and you’ve got guys that are really pulling for each other. And I think that it’s sincere. It’s not just BS. It’s not just fake. I think our guys at the end of the day care for each other and the bottom line is that we all want to win and we are going to support whoever is on the floor. When you have as many injuries as we’ve had, the fact that guys are stepping up and guys are rooting for each other is a sign of good things to come.

“I’ll just put it out there for everybody. I’m not a bench player. I’ve been saying that for the longest. I’m a starter,” Faried said Monday, when I asked him about his status with the Nuggets. “I love to hear the crowd (when introduced as), ‘Starting at power forward, No. 35, Kenneth Faried.’ Yes, that’s me. One hundred percent, that’s been my whole life. And I’m going to fight for a starting position. I’m just not going to lay down and let somebody take it. ”

“I actually like it,” Faried said of the consistent trade rumors to Nate Kreckman and Ryan Harris on Altitude 950. “Honestly, before I used to hate it, because it’s like wow they want to trade me, but now I’m thinking, hey, I’m still being talked about, people still know my work in the NBA and that’s respectful and humbling to me. Hey, I may not have had some of the best years recently to me and to myself, and I’m like yo, I still can do this and I know I can and it took me last year I wasn’t starting then I became a starter here and then not starting and started again at the end of everything and it’s like a lot. But hey, I take it with a grain of salt and just keep grinding and just focus on the main prize and that’s our team winning and trying to make it to the playoffs and win a championship pretty much. So that’s been my main goal and whatever I need to do I’m just going to do on the court and if people talk about me in trades, (inaudible) that means I’m still worthy and people still respect my game and still want me to be on some team somewhere.”

“I have a clear head,” Faried said. “Everything is about money, money – how much this guy makes, how much that guy makes. For me, now, it doesn’t matter. The money is going to come, it doesn’t really matter what pretty much you do, you can’t control what the front office does. “That’s what you have your agents for, so you can control what you can control, and that’s my play on the court and how I come out and decide to play every day. I’m going to have that energy, that excitement and that love for the game. That’s what I’m going to do every single night.”
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Kenneth Faried still on the block

The Nuggets will also be at the epicenter of the trade market. They’ve been dangling Faried off and on for three years, and continue to now, sources say. They could deal in either team-building direction: turn young players and extra picks into a bigger name, or go full rebuild by flipping their established veterans for more picks. You can win 30-something games for only so long before ownership jolts you in one direction — even if this ownership gave its entire front office contract extensions over the summer.

Wolves interested in Kenneth Faried

Among the teams the Nuggets have talked with that have warmed to a trade for Faried, a source said, is Minnesota. New coach Tom Thibodeau has long been a fan of his. Thibodeau was part of the Team USA staff when Faried competed in the World Cup in 2014, and has had an affinity toward him since, and the ex-Bulls coach would like to acquire a big man who can provide interior toughness to pair with Rookie of the Year center Karl-Anthony Towns.

Of the teams most often rumored to be involved in a draft-day trade, sources say the Nuggets have emerged as the most likely to pull off a deal, whether ahead of Thursday’s draft or soon thereafter. That’s because the Nuggets enter Thursday’s draft with three first-round picks — as do the Celtics, Sixers and Suns — but also hold the best young-veteran asset, forward Kenneth Faried. While he has not issued a trade demand from the Nuggets, it’s no secret that Faried does not feel included in Denver’s future plans and would welcome a move.

Faried, 26, quietly has had a solid season, holding down the power forward position without missing much time because of injuries. His effort in the Nuggets’ win over Chicago on Friday earned praise from Malone. With a reasonable contract and a big impact on the court, there continue to be suitors for his services as his value remains high. He isn’t officially on the trade block — never has been, really — but a “too good to be true” offer might entice the Nuggets to pull the trigger on a deal.
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