NBA Rumor: Kerr-Iguodala Dynamic

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Iguodala’s comments, which included references to the N-word, created a social-media firestorm that prompted the NBA to hand down a $10,000 fine. “It probably was the wrong time to express myself,” Iguodala said after practice. “But we all have our own opinions. We all have our own feelings. I feel like we are entitled to them. We try to pick and choose the time to do it, and who we choose to share it with, because some may not understand where I’m coming from, which is to be expected.

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December 2, 2020 | 1:03 pm EST Update
Unfortunately, Gordon’s tenure in Detroit would be nothing like Chicago, his numbers dropped and they never made a playoff appearance. He was traded to Charlotte along with a future first rounder for Corey Maggette in 2012. Back in 2018, Ben sat down to discuss his move to the sign with the Pistons. (Via Streets First Podcast) “I went to Detroit. That was the worst decision that I’ve ever made in my life, I said it. I loved Detroit. I loved it, but it was the worst decision I’ve ever made.”
December 2, 2020 | 12:04 pm EST Update