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Kevin Durant back by end of next week?

The Nets played their 19th straight game without Kevin Durant on Saturday night, but they may not have to wait much longer for their star to return. Durant went through a second high-intensity workout Saturday morning in Milwaukee and if he comes out of that healthy, could only need one more before he is cleared to return from his sprained left MCL — though coach Steve Nash said Durant is unlikely to return during a back-to-back Monday and Tuesday against the Raptors. “Every day closer,” Nash said before the Nets’ 126-123 win over the Bucks. “We’ll see. I expect in the next week he’ll be back for sure. But it could be quick, it could be the whole week barring setbacks.”

“I think with Kevin, he’s been a great healer throughout his career,” Nash said. “The No. 1 thing is to get him back healthy, feeling secure in his health and his body so he can move and be free when he’s back. Obviously he adds a ton to our team on both ends of the floor. He leads the league in scoring, one of the greatest scorers of all time. “But we also know he helps us defensively and gives us more size and length. He’s a big miss for us and whenever he gets back he’ll definitely impact our team on both ends of the floor.”

“I think with Kevin he’s been a great healer throughout his career,” Nash said. “So the No. 1 thing is to get him back healthy and feeling secure in his health and his body so he can move and be free. When he’s back, obviously he adds a ton to our team on both ends of the floor…one of the greatest scorers of all time. And we also know he helps us defensively; he gives us more size and length. So he’s a big miss for us, and whenever he gets back, he’ll impact our team.”

It’s impossible to overstate Durant’s importance to the Nets, but he — just like Dragic, Ben Simmons and an injured Joe Harris — must complete three high-intensity workouts before being cleared to play. “They’re all at different stages of that. But that’s kind of the markers we’re looking at, and they’re all, like I said, at various points in that. Some are in the high-intensity bucket already, some are not,” Nash said. “So I think Kevin’s probably the closest, but has some time to make up still. And Ben and Joe trail behind him. “[Durant] has played. He’s playing. I would say he’s had one. So we’ll see. He seems like he’s getting there and we’ll see how he responds [Friday]. And then we’ll try to get him in subsequent workouts.”

It’s possible — but unlikely — Kevin Durant will be ready to return from his injury by the Nets’ first game out of the All-Star break. “We’ll see,” coach Steve Nash said Wednesday before the Nets faced the Knicks at Madison Square Garden. “I’m not like, ‘He’s going to play right when the break ends.’ There’s obviously a small chance, but we want to be really careful because a setback would be tough when there are 20 or so games left. “We don’t want to jeopardize there and have a setback where he misses another six to 12 games, so I think we’ll be cautious coming out of the break. There’s a chance he could play, but I think it’s more likely that we don’t get our hopes that he’s going to play the first game out of the break.”

The Brooklyn Nets held Kevin Durant out of Friday’s 115-113 win over the Orlando Magic because of a right shoulder sprain that has “just been bugging him a little bit.” Nets coach Steve Nash made it clear, though, that Durant’s injury will not be something that will keep him out for multiple games. “Let me put it in this context: We don’t feel concerned that it’ll linger or that he’d miss the next game,” Nash told reporters before the game. “It’s just a pocket in the season [to find him some rest] where it’s not like he sits tonight and plays tomorrow or Sunday. He actually gets a few days rest on top of rest of the shoulder [before the Nets play again on Monday], and so there was multiple factors that I think made it attractive for us to choose this game for him to sit.”

Durant, 33, is second in the NBA in scoring at 28.6 points per game while also contributing 7.9 rebounds and 4.9 assists per contest. “I just think it’s just been bugging him a little bit,” Nash said of Durant’s shoulder. “And finding a time for him to rest is difficult, so coming out of a back-to-back [on Wednesday], the shoulder lingering a little and him having a four-day break here, in a sense, for the shoulder is just an opportunity we thought was positive for us. Unfortunately for tonight, it hurts the team, but in the long run it could help us. Those are the decisions you have to make.”

Kevin Durant’s latest return is imminent. The oft-injured superstar is considered “very possible” to resurface in the two-game homestand beginning Friday, according to Nets coach Steve Nash. Durant, 32, missed his second straight game with a quad contusion Wednesday in Tampa Bay – temporary home of the Raptors – and has only played in six of the last 35 games. “He is day-to-day, so I think Friday (against the Celtics) or Sunday (against the Suns) are very possible,” Nash said. “I’m not sure when it would be or if it would be either of those games, but he is day-to-day, so if he keeps progressing at this rate, I think Friday or Sunday are very possible.”

Kevin Durant likely not playing this week

Kevin Durant will not play against the Minnesota Timberwolves on Monday, and Brooklyn Nets coach Steve Nash said he doubts Durant will play this week as he continues to rehab from a hamstring strain that has sidelined him for a month and a half. Nash said Sunday that Durant “looks good” and “is progressing” but “still needs to be monitored and still needs to get a certain amount of markers under his belt” before he returns to game action.

Kevin Durant to still serve as All-Star captain

The Brooklyn Nets’ Kevin Durant will still serve as an NBA All-Star Game captain despite a hamstring injury that will keep him from playing. Durant and fellow All-Star Game captain LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers will each draft a roster out of the pool of selected All-Stars. The All-Star draft will air on TNT on March 4. It remained unclear whether Durant will travel to Atlanta for the game on March 7.

“Yeah, I do,” said Nash. “But again, we’re just trying to monitor and be cautious. We definitely have kind of slowed things down in that respect — not putting any pressure on him, not trying to rush him back in any capacity and just make sure that we give him the right amount of time to be more than healed, to be strong and conditioned to come back to the team. “So we’re monitoring it. We’re not in a rush. But I don’t think he’ll be out until the All-Star break.”
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July 1, 2022 | 2:47 am EDT Update

Bulls among the teams calling about Kevin Durant

When the two-time NBA Finals MVP made it known he wanted to be traded out of Brooklyn, expected business quickly fell by the wayside as teams tried to reposition themselves to at least make an offer. According to a source, the Bulls were a part of those phone calls, despite Durant reportedly having the Heat and Suns among his desired destinations — and despite the reality that the Bulls don’t have the type of high-profile player or quality of draft picks the Nets were looking for in a trade package.
Phoenix has the kinds of players who might make this a win-win for all involved — namely, Suns small forward Mikal Bridges and restricted free agent center DeAndre Ayton. In the days before Irving’s choice to opt-in, sources close to Ayton had raised this possibility of an Ayton-Bridges deal being very much on their radar. At that time, however, it was unclear whether Durant was going to ask out.
Beck: I asked a well-connected NBA source which teams, other than the increasingly desperate Lakers, would be willing to acquire Irving. His answer: “None.” I think I agree. The league has seen Irving wreak a lot of havoc over the last five years, from Cleveland to Boston to Brooklyn. It’s left an impression. But the Lakers badly need another scorer/playmaker next to LeBron and AD, and Irving is an infinitely better fit than Russell Westbrook.