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3 weeks ago via ESPN

Mills was asked by Smith if he had any concern that Porzingis, who is eligible for a five-year extension worth more than $150 million this summer, would seek a trade from the Knicks as other stars such as Kawhi Leonard and Kyrie Irving have done in recent seasons. “No,” Mills said. “We’ve worked really hard in rebuilding the relationship with KP. For Scott and me, it’s been with his brother (Janis Porzingis). We had to make Janis, who is his agent and his brother, make him feel like he was part of our group and let him understand what we’re doing as a team. Where we’re taking this thing.”

The good news for the Knicks is that Spurs coach/president Gregg Popovich likes Knicks young point guard Frank Ntilikina a lot. The bad news for the Knicks is, Popovich also loves Kristaps Porzingis — whose inclusion is probably the only way a Kawhi Leonard deal gets done. According to sources, Knicks brass was interested in pursuing Spurs forward Leonard as a free agent in 2019. But now it looks like Leonard could hit the trade market after a series of reports stated he wants out of San Antonio.

This is significant, because the best offer the Knicks can make in a trade for Irving is a package centered around Anthony. As was reported on Saturday, New York is not interested at this point in including Kristaps Porzingis in any trade for Irving. Some in the Knicks organization would trade Anthony and multiple first-round picks for Irving (though there is not uniform agreement on the idea of dealing multiple first-round picks in any trade at the moment, according to people familiar with the Knicks’ thinking).

Last weekend at a basketball camp in Latvia attended by about 250 children, one youngster asked Porzingis in his native tongue why he wouldn’t abandon New York, and Porzingis sounded as if he’s committed for the long haul. According to an English translation obtained by The Post, Porzingis answered: “I feel that it is the best place to win. And if you win in New York, you are king. For the last two years, I have had so many positive emotions here that this is where I want to stay and that this is where I want to win.”
1 year ago via ESPN

New York Knicks coach Jeff Hornacek doesn’t believe the franchise will trade young star Kristaps Porzingis. Ex-team president Phil Jackson had discussed the possibility of trading Porzingis with several teams prior to the draft, but no deal materialized. “I think it was out there that Phil was listening but he wasn’t out shopping KP. We love KP and what he does so I don’t see him going anywhere,” Hornacek said on Sunday afternoon following the Knicks’ Summer League game.

Charley Rosen: In other words, in his youthful naivety, the young man is ignorant of the NBA’s political realities. Trades, forced trades, alienation between management and players, disgruntled players who, for whatever reasons, resist their coach’s game plans — this is all business as usual in the wonderful world of the NBA. Porzingis and his brother Janis, who helps represent him, have also said that they want to play with a winner — which, they say, would hopefully turn out to be the case in New York.

Charley Rosen: Despite his size, KP is relatively ineffective when playing the low post. He’s apt to get faked off his feet by smaller players in the paint. But his general attitude is the most troubling. KP and his brother have often complained about how poorly the Knicks treat their players. This undoubtedly has to do with the negative relationship that exists between Jackson and Carmelo Anthony. For sure, Melo’s in-house dissatisfactions have unduly influenced Porzingis.

Judging by the 7-foot-3 forward’s latest Instagram post, Porzingis was as confused as anyone by the reports that Phil Jackson is listening to trade offers for him in the days before the draft. The somewhat cryptic social media post depicts Porzingis wearing a backwards cap and a T-shirt with the letters “fr” super-imposed on the selfie. Short-hand for “for real,” the choice of letters paired with Porzingis’ seemingly sarcastic grin may shed some light on what the Knicks star could be thinking: Are you kidding me?
1 year ago via ESPN

Kristaps Porzingis’ brother Janis Porzingis said the Knicks forward wishes to remain in New York but also wants the club to create an environment conducive to player development and winning. His brother made it clear that if traded, Porzingis intends to play out his contract and test free agency. “Kris wants to stay in New York; he feels at home there. There is no question about it. The only thing he wants is for the Knicks to create an environment where he can develop and grow as a player and win,” Janis Porzingis said in an interview with ESPN. “If he were traded, he would play out his contract and head into free agency, where he can choose his own destiny.”
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