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Kyle Anderson couldn’t remember exactly when the pain in his right shoulder, and tingling in his hand, first began. He estimates it started maybe two or three years ago. Until recently, he was able to manage the pain. But this past season, it became too much to bear. His last game played during the 2018-19 campaign was on Jan. 30 against the Timberwolves. After that game, he finally decided to get to the bottom of what was causing his persistent soreness. The Grizzlies decided to shut down his season and figure out the cause of the pain that persisted in his shoulder for several seasons, and worsened as this past season progressed. It got to the point where it began to affect his comfort while shooting the basketball. He didn’t want it to affect the rest of his career. “I would say two or three years ago is when it started,” Anderson said. “But never as severely as this year, it never really stuck around. It would come on, go away, I would be able to manage it and it would go away. This year I wasn’t, so I felt it was serious this time.”

The Athletic spoke with two experts who specialize in thoracic outlet decompression surgery to understand what it is, what it is meant to treat and how it is performed. … Thoracic outlet decompression surgery is used to find whatever structure within the thoracic outlet is causing compression, and remove it. It can be a combination of a muscle or a rib, and during the surgery, the surgeon will remove part of the rib or release the muscle to take away the constriction. “The technical aspects of the surgery that makes it difficult is you’re around these structures that are really, really important blood vessels, nerves, in that important region,” Pandya said. “It’s making sure that those aren’t damaged. But if the surgery is successful in releasing the constriction and you’re positive or your very certain that that’s where the pain is coming from, patients do very well.” “Some people make the incision above the collar bone to get the rib free of the nerves,” Lum said. “Some people like to go into the armpits where the scar is less obvious. It doesn’t really matter. As long as you go to someone that does a lot of it, the results are pretty proven.”

Grizzlies forward Kyle Anderson is slated to have shoulder surgery next week, according to multiple sources with knowledge of the situation. After missing the final 30 games of his first season with the franchise due to shoulder soreness, Anderson will undergo thoracic outlet decompression surgery, a procedure that will remove part of his top right rib, a small bone near the clavicle, in a process meant to remove pressure in that area, which controls muscle movement and feeling in the shoulder.
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