NBA Rumor: Kyle Lowry Trade?

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The word is that the Lakers are still talking to Toronto (via ESPN). My sources there say the Lakers have definitely shown interest (nothing new there). One thing to consider — the Raptors aren’t really going into a full rebuild. Dennis Schroder/Fred VanVleet/Pascal Siakam/OG Anunoby/Chris Boucher….that’s got to be appealing to them, especially if Miami won’t include Tyler Herro. Would be fascinating if the Lakers don’t do the deal because of THT. If that’s the case, they’d have to believe Talen can help them win now and will be REALLY good in the future.

Meanwhile, the Sixers are believed to be the frontrunners for the veteran guard’s services. According to Windhorst, Kyle Lowry is “preparing to be traded to the 76ers” on Thursday after the Raptors let teams know who the leaders in the Lowry race are. “The Toronto Raptors have let people know this morning that the two teams in the lead for Kyle Lowry are the Philly 76ers and the Lakers, with Philly in first position right now. That puts the Heat in third place. Kyle Lowry is preparing to be traded to the 76ers.

Most recently the Los Angeles Lakers have reportedly emerged as one of the teams interested in acquiring Kyle Lowry via a trade. However, NBA insider Brian Windhorst does not believe there is substance to such reports. Instead, he thinks that the rumor was facilitated by Lowry’s current team the Toronto Raptors. “Yesterday there were some rumors going around that the Los Angeles Lakers were interested in trading for Kyle Lowry as well. Frankly, I don’t believe that it’s true,” Windhorst said on ESPN’s First Take. “I think that’s a smokescreen thrown up by Toronto because they’re trying to get better offers out of Miami and Philadelphia.

Heat, Sixers and Lakers targeting Kyle Lowry

As trade deadline day gets going, here is what I am hearing around Kyle Lowry, according to sources: Toronto is seriously engaged with Miami, Philadelphia and the Lakers on a potential deal. The Raptors are expected to canvass interest in their franchise staple as the deadline nears and decide whether the best offer meets their price tag.
4 weeks ago via TSN

Up until recently, the chances of a Lowry trade seemed slim. As of last week, the Raptors were still telling inquiring teams that they did not intend on moving their point guard ahead of the deadline, and according to sources, Lowry and his representatives fully expected him to finish the season with Toronto before hitting unrestricted free agency this summer. While the Raptors have not been soliciting offers for Lowry, as multiple reports have indicated, they’ve become more inclined to listen over the past few days, with the Miami Heat and Philadelphia 76ers emerging as frontrunners to land the 15-year vet if he is in fact moved.
4 weeks ago via TSN

It will hinge on a few factors. For one, what does Lowry want? He doesn’t have a no-trade clause, but with all the goodwill and mutual respect built up between player and franchise, the Raptors want to do right by him. They’re also not going to trade him just because they can, especially if he’s content playing out the season. It could be standard day-before-the-deadline posturing, but as of Wednesday night, sources confirmed that both Miami and Philly have been reluctant to push their chips in and make their best offers.

The prideful competitor left the floor. Toronto Raptors guard Kyle Lowry saw a camera tracking him as he walked through the entrance tunnel. Lowry held out two fingers with both of his hands and waved, an image that may have represented his final moment as a Raptors player on the eve of the NBA trade deadline. “Usually I (BS) y’all. But it was kind of weird tonight not knowing what the next step would be,” Lowry said following the Raptors’ 135-111 win over the Denver Nuggets on Wednesday. “Just with understanding there are things that could possibly be done on the front of me and the other guys on our team and the organization.”

Kyle Lowry has open mind about potential destinations

A trade to the Sixers would represent a return home, but Lowry has had an open mind about a number of potential destinations, sources said. Lowry doesn’t have veto power over a trade, but Raptors management is taking into consideration Lowry’s wishes, given his monumental role in the franchise’s rise to perennial playoff contention, a 2019 NBA Championship and his place in Canadian sporting lore.

Kyle Lowry wants indication from whoever trades for him that they'll give him max extension

The Sixers and Miami Heat are having talks with the Toronto Raptors to acquire the six-time All-Star point guard in a trade. However, Lowry, 34, wants some indication that a potential destination is willing to give him a two-year extension at a minimum $25 million a year, according to sources. He’s making $30 million in the final year of his Raptors deal.

The Heat remain active. They have kept tabs on Kyle Lowry, sources said, though it might be hard for Miami to cobble an attractive enough package given they cannot trade any first-round picks unless they lift protections on the 2023 pick they owe (who else?) the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Heat do have some interesting youngish players in Duncan Robinson, Kendrick Nunn, KZ Okpala and Precious Achiuwa — with both Robinson and Nunn headed into free agency this summer. (Despite his uneven Year 2, I’d be surprised if the Heat included Tyler Herro in any Lowry deal.)

The Miami Heat and Philadelphia 76ers are leaders in pursuit to acquire Lowry, sources told The Athletic, and several rival team executives are monitoring the situation as well as which young player or asset either team could part with. Lowry has spent the last nine years in Toronto, cementing himself as a legacy player for the Raptors and as arguably the best player in franchise history. Lowry’s arrival in Toronto predated Masai Ujiri’s presidency, and to fans, he represents a through line that connects the Raptors’ fight for relevancy at the beginning of his time with the franchise to their current status as one of the league’s most respected organizations.

Miami favorite to land LaMarcus Aldridge?

League sources say the Heat are pursuing a deal for Raptors point guard Kyle Lowry harder than anyone, though the Clippers and Sixers retain interest. Lowry recently said he wants to retire with the Raptors even if he needs to sign a one-day contract. But if he gets dealt, league sources say his preferred destination is Miami because of his close friendship with Jimmy Butler. The Heat are also considered by front-office executives as one of the favorites to land LaMarcus Aldridge if the Spurs buy out the veteran big. The Trail Blazers are also a threat to acquire Aldridge, sources say.

Lowry’s large contract creates trade obstacles. A team that’s over the cap must send out nearly $25 million in matching salaries to make a deal work. Still, after a long list of big names have changed teams since the summer of 2019 — including Jrue Holiday and James Harden joining Eastern Conference contenders over the past five months — Lowry stands out as the lone true game-changing player should the Raptors decide to move on. “I would say they hold,” said a West scout. “I just don’t get the feeling it’s going to happen, though maybe they’re just waiting for the right offer.”

Raptors not expected to trade Kyle Lowry

Lowry is not going to be dealt before the March 25 trade deadline. It’s not that the Raptors and Lowry haven’t mulled over the pros and cons of making a mutually agreeable deal for the 15-year veteran heading into free agency, or that there isn’t interest in the six-time all-star who comes with a shipping container’s full of intangibles along with averages of 18 points, 5.5 rebounds and seven assists per game along with 40.3 per cent shooting from deep — all marks that are in the neighbourhood of his career peaks.

Beyond that context, surveying the market and assessing where the Raptors are, it’s more and more clear the chances of a deal happening are remote and the notion that Lowry is pushing for one is far-fetched. Lowry made his position quite clear the other day via his Instagram story, but multiple league sources I’ve spoken with over the past two weeks who have reason to know Lowry’s thinking has echoed the theme. The persistence of the speculation is a nuisance, even if the reporting of it is understandable.

“It’s frustrating from our perspective. A story comes out that Kyle’s told everybody he’s out. That’s just blatantly not true,” said Bartelstein. “It’s just 1,000 per cent not true. Are there a lot of teams around the NBA that want Kyle? Yeah, who wouldn’t want an all-star point guard. There are certainly teams that know that he’s in the last year of his deal and this is the time of year where every team is talking to every team about a lot of things, and there’s a lot of people that would love to get Kyle Lowry, but his focus right now is on winning for the Toronto Raptors. He has clearly not told anybody that he wants out of Toronto. Masai and Bobby and I talk all the time. You can never put anything in concrete in this business, things change, but there is literally nothing to all this chatter about Kyle wanting out or telling his team he wants to go there. That’s just not true.”

Kyle Lowry salary could lead to him not getting traded; Clippers considered Lowry pursuit

Speaking of teams heading in the wrong direction, Toronto losing four of five games before the break would seemingly up the odds of the Raptors (17-19) becoming ‘sellers.’ But when it comes to future Hall of Famer Kyle Lowry, there’s a strong sense around the league that the size of this final season on his deal ($30.5 million) may ultimately result in him staying put.

Kyle Lowry: The lies people tell in the media are amazing

Kyle Lowry expects to be traded?

Bill Simmons: Should Toronto trade Kyle Lowry? Ryen Russillo: The word on that one is that Lowry has been telling everybody for over a month that he is getting traded, which is interesting that he’s already like ‘yeah, I’m out of here’. So I don’t know if that’s him saying it, I don’t know if that’s some understanding that he has with the front office, I don’t know that part of it, but whenever you ask about Lowry, they’re like ‘he thinks he’s leaving.’

John Wall, Kyle Lowry potential trade targets for Heat?

The consensus of TrueHoop sources is that the eight games between the All-Star break and the trade deadline will mean a lot in assessing how good the Heat are,” Haberstroh wrote. “They play the Magic twice, Bulls, Cavs, Grizzlies, Pacers twice, and Suns. If the Heat decide to make a deal, rival executives wonder if a package centered on Tyler Herro, Duncan Robinson, and Rising Star rookie Precious Achiuwa could net another star. Heat brass have shrewdly signed Kelly Olynyk and Meyers Leonard to mid-tier contracts ($12.6 and $9.4 million respectively). Those are big enough that the Heat can likely satisfy the league’s salary-matching rules should they bring in a high-salaried star. John Wall and Kyle Lowry are potential targets.

Kyle Lowry's agent reacts to trade rumors

“There was a story about how he is pushing to go to Philadelphia, that’s just not true.” Kyle Lowry’s agent, Mark Bartelstein, tells @TermineRadio & @Jumpshot8 the Raptors point guard isn’t go anywhere.

“A lot of the rumors and things that are written about, are just … that’s just what they are is just rumors and they’re designed for people to click on the article. …That happened today with Kyle Lowry. There was a story today that he’s pushing to go to Philadelphia. That’s just not true. That story came out today, and so I had to get on the phone with [Raptors president] Masai [Ujiri] and [general manager] Bobby [Webster] and make sure they knew that certainly wasn’t coming from us.”
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