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But a few days later when police questioned Sherra, her story had surprising new details. Marc Perrusquia: By her account, he left with a box of drugs. She implied that Lorenzen was involved in some sort of drug transaction and was planning to “flip something for $110,000.” Marc Perrusquia: She also told the police that there were these mysterious gunmen who were stalking him in the days before the murder. Then, on July 28 — 10 days after Lorenzen was last seen — Shelby County authorities were finally told about the 911 call. Why it took that long remains a question.

Fourteen months after Lorenzen’s death, Sherra received a million-dollar life insurance payout. Marc Perrusquia: This $1 million insurance policy was set up for the benefit of their children. And, of course, she being the mother, wound up being the fiduciary. So that’s an intriguing element to this. Did she have a financial motive in all of this, because here’s a quick $1 million. But before long, Sherra was nearly broke again — having blown through the million dollars in just 10 months, spending most of it on expensive homes, luxury cars and extravagant trips.

Armstrong’s prayers were answered seven years after the murder of Lorenzen Wright on Nov. 9, 2017. Acting on a tip, Memphis Police went to a lake in Walnut, Mississippi. There, in the murky red clay water, they found a gun believed to be used in the killing. James Brown: How unusual is it to find a key piece of evidence some seven years later? Toney Armstrong: That’s the needle in the haystack. They found the needle in the haystack. …and for them to be able to recover that gun is — is a pretty remarkable feat. Although, Kelvin Cowans had broken up with Sherra Wright, he thought she would be happy when the gun was found. But he didn’t get the reaction he expected when he called her to celebrate.

Kelvin Cowans: I say, “Hey, the police have done this great thing. They found the gun that killed Lorenzen.” Kelvin Cowans: We got on the phone and she wasn’t happy about it at all, and — James Brown: Really? Kelvin Cowans: –and that bothered me. That — that was when I first started to believe that, you know what, maybe I haven’t been looking at grief, you know, all this time. Maybe I’ve been looking at guilt. After finding the gun, the case took an unexpected turn. On December 5, police arrested Billy Ray Turner in a convenience store in Collierville, Tenn.

The ex-wife of former NBA player Lorenzen Wright won’t face the death penalty if convicted of killing him more than seven years ago in Tennessee, a prosecutor said Monday. Shelby County prosecutor Paul Hagerman told a judge during a hearing that Sherra Wright won’t face a death sentence if found guilty of first degree murder in her ex-husband’s shooting death. She is being held without bond and has pleaded not guilty in one of the most high-profile murder cases in Memphis’ history.
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The ex-wife of former NBA player Lorenzen Wright is fighting authorities’ attempt to extradite her from California to Tennessee, where she is charged with killing him in 2010. Sherra Wright made a very brief appearance Wednesday in Riverside County Superior Court. A judge explained that the only issue in her extradition is whether or not she is the person named in the arrest warrant out of Memphis. Wright said she understood and was told to return for a hearing Jan. 8.
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