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Tuesday’s revelation that Williams and the Clippers are discussing the framework of a contract extension could compel teams to bring their best offers sooner as well. According to a person with knowledge of the talks first reported by ESPN, the possible deal would likely be for between two and three years at approximately $8.5 million annually. As of late Tuesday night, however, there was no deal done. The person spoke to USA TODAY Sports on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the situation. Rival teams expected Williams would be sent to the highest bidder by the deadline, but the Clippers insisted that re-signing him remained a possibility.
3 years ago via ESPN

Adrian Wojnarowski: [The Clippers are] very much open for business. I think there’s probably a little bit more on the board right now for Louis Williams than there is for DeAndre Jordan. I think it’s entirely possible that DeAndre Jordan does not get traded this week because, again, anybody who trades for him wants to know what it’s gonna cost, what an extension would look like. And not everybody in the world is ready to pay him four years and $115 million. There are teams who want him and I think would pay him, but the Clippers are looking at this—they don’t want to take back a bunch of future money. They want to get money off. Their preference ultimately would be to let him walk instead of taking back a bad contract or a couple of bad contracts, just to get back a late first-round pick.

The key in each of these cases is how much will be required to make a deal. The Celts are said to be willing to part with assets, but Ainge seems to be again holding the line on what he believes is proper value. The strategy has frustrated other clubs and a percentage of the fan base, but it doesn’t appear to be changing. Memphis has been asking for a first-round pick for Evans, but the Celtics haven’t yet been willing to go there. Denver has reportedly offered Emmanuel Mudiay and a second-round pick, and while the C’s could propose something similar, the second -round pick (or picks) they could send would not be very high.

Sam Amick on Lou Williams: “He’s having a great year. I do think he gets moved, [but] I don’t know where. Certainly the Cavs could obviously use him if you look at their bench situation. Derrick Rose has all kinds of health problems and he’s just not the guy he used to be. Dwyane Wade has had some really good moments this year, but he’s 36 years old. Lou Williams would certainly upgrade their bench, although he wouldn’t help their defense. The Clippers love him, but I think it’s too hard to pass up the chance to cash in on him and get an asset back like a first-round pick. They want a first-rounder, no question. I don’t know what percentage I would put on it, but there is still some possible interest in the Clippers and Lou agreeing to an extension so that he can stick around. But he’s 31. You know the formula here, Alex. That’s just not [a move that lines up] if you’re trying to rebuild and turn a new leaf after Chris Paul leaves, you aren’t necessarily paying big money to guys who are going to be entering their mid-30s. So I think Lou probably goes [elsewhere].”

“I would like to be here, man,” he continued. “I’m putting everything on the line out here for this organization, and you know the season I’m having I would like to be rewarded for it and just appreciated. “I’ve played on three teams in six months (Lakers, Rockets), and I’ve been impactful on all three of those teams. A lot of that stuff is out of my control, especially with how I’m playing. I’m doing everything I can in my power. Hopefully it’s just appreciated.”

The Cavs contacted Sacramento about a possible trade for guard George Hill, and the New York Times reported that Cleveland has also engaged the Los Angeles Clippers about DeAndre Jordan and Lou Williams. The Times said the Cavs have floated J.R. Smith, Tristan Thompson, and Iman Shumpert in possible trades — all of them have been here for each of Cleveland’s last three Finals runs and have seen their roles diminish this season for one reason or another. The Cavs are 1-4 in their last five games and privately their marquee players have suggested the team needs a roster upgrade or two. “I like our group,”Tyronn Lue reiterated. “Until we figure out rotations and getting guys healthy and what we have … I like what we have.”

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