NBA Rumor: Louisville Raptors?

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Once Louisville was floated as an option, Sutton immediately started reaching out to specific people in the league. He learned most people were surprised Louisville was mentioned. Sutton encouraged Lucas to use any tactic and fact necessary to get the NBA’s attention. During his college career at Missouri, Sutton played inside T-Mobile Center, an NBA-ready arena that has more than 18,000 seats. The arena is also without a regular pro sports tenant. “The T-Mobile Center would be an excellent place for a team to land in the future,” said Kathy Nelson, the president of the city’s sports commission. “The arena was built to house both an NBA and NHL team. The venue is exceptional and, of course, our downtown community would be perfect to host a team.”

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Junior Bridgeman said there was “absolutely no truth” to a Yahoo story linking him to speculation about a temporary move by the NBA’s Toronto Raptors to Louisville. But wondering what all the fuss was about, Bridgeman contacted Raptors’ owner Larry Tanenbaum — the two men are partners in a Canadian Coca-Cola bottling operation — to find out the facts. “I spoke to Larry,” Bridgeman said via text message Wednesday night. “They are working on getting the (Canadian) government to allow teams to come into Toronto with testing and waiving the quarantine time.”

Yet Bridgeman, Yum Center General Manager Eric Granger and NBA2LOU point man Dan Issel all said they were taken by surprise by the Yahoo! Sports story written by Vincent Goodwill citing unnamed league sources saying Louisville has been broached as a possible site, with Bridgeman in contact with the league. “There is absolutely no truth to that story,” Bridgeman said. “I’m not even sure what that story came from … “I personally know the owner of the Raptors and he would never move or sell the team. He is a true Canadian.”
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May 15, 2021 | 9:07 pm EDT Update

Jrue Holiday earns another bonus with Bucks

Jrue Holiday has now played in 59 games and will earn a $255K bonus for averaging more than 3.15 rebounds. Holiday also earned two separate bonuses of $255K for games and minutes played. The guard has three more bonuses in play: $100K for being named All-Defensive (1st or 2nd team), $200K if Milwaukee reaches the NBA Finals and $1M if the Bucks win the championship.
May 15, 2021 | 8:04 pm EDT Update