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Michael Jordan, who is indisputably the focus of the series, told Australian Story he regrets that Longley was left out. “I can understand why Australia would say, ‘Well, why wouldn’t we include Luc?’ And we probably should have. And if I look back and could change anything, that’s probably what I would have changed.” Last year, series director Jason Hehir explained that Longley’s omission was about budget and logistics. It was simply too expensive to send a crew from the US to interview him in the remote corner of Western Australia where he lives. “I didn’t expect to be a heavy feature in it because they hadn’t interviewed me, but I did expect to be in it more than I was,” Longley says.

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An unfortunate consequence of Longley’s omission from The Last Dance is that his importance to the Bulls has been undervalued. He was, after all, the starting centre — part of the core group of five players who would begin each game. “He had the skill set, you know,” Jordan says. “He could shoot, he was very smart, good passer. He knew how to position himself well.” Longley was the ultimate team player, someone who was willing to sacrifice individual glory for team performance. “I cared about my teammates more than I cared about winning,” he says. “Winning became how to reward them, so that’s part of what drove me to be good.”

He hosted barbecues at his house and made lasting personal friendships with players such as Kerr and Pippen. A less likely friendship, however, was the one that he formed with the mercurial Rodman. “Dennis was so far outside of our monoculture of basketball that I was intrigued by that,” Longley says. “I felt like I sat outside the sort of the stereotypical basketball frame and Dennis did too. So I was attracted to him. And I think he’s probably attracted to me.”
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September 28, 2021 | 5:08 am EDT Update