NBA Rumor: Lucas Nogueira Free Agency

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4 years ago via ESPN

“Everyone found out through the media. Maybe [Kyle] Lowry knew it already because they were inseparable. If you’re not a communicative guy like myself, it’s hard to share this stuff with other people. Everyone got scared, you know? A guy with his athleticism, technique and status we think cannot suffer with this. No one had the opportunity to talk to him just like they didn’t talk to me either. I was pretty bad in May. It got worse in September, then I decided to come back to Brazil,” Nogueira revealed.
4 years ago via ESPN

Nogueira is now training in Sao Paulo and has had some calls from the NBA, he said. His plan is to be good to go by June so he could participate in tryouts and pre-season games. Is he ready to go back to the NBA? “If you asked me the same question four months ago, I’d say I didn’t know. Now I say I will be back. What makes me so confident is my training and my attitude. I’m ready for the challenge like I’ve never been,” he explained. Nogueira will play for Brazil in the Fiba World Cup in August in China.

VanVleet is 24, and will be among a crowd of restricted free agents who should get more attention than usual this year because so many teams are tight against the luxury tax, including Toronto. VanVleet is likely to command an offer in the $12 million-per-year range, and matching it would require the Raptors to shell out exponentially more than the contract’s value — around an extra $20 million in taxes for the first season. Center Lucas Nogueira is the only other free-agent decision to be made. He can be a restricted free agent and has a $4.1 million qualifying offer for next year.
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March 30, 2023 | 8:43 pm EDT Update
Head coach Jacque Vaughn had high praise for the 26-year-old’s adjustment to the increased usage following Wednesday’s win: “He really has (blossomed),” Vaughn said. “He’s starting for us and playing more minutes than his previous destination. We’ve allowed him to shoot the basketball more than he did previously. He’s handling the basketball in the pick-and-roll. The first play out of halftime was for him and he makes the right decision with it. So we’re really putting more in his hands and he’s responding.”
March 30, 2023 | 7:21 pm EDT Update