NBA Rumor: Montrezl Harrell Trade?

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Montrezl Harrell on being traded: ‘This is a business honestly. I think this is my third time, and my first time I realized it was a business. The first time I was told I wasn’t going to be on a trade, then I got traded. It’s a business and in this game there is not too many guys who can just pick and choose where they want to go. Only the top five, 10 guys can do that. But you understand this is a business and you basically just look at a new opportunity to come somewhere and just be able to impose your presence.

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Montrezl Harrell on Wizards’ struggles: ‘It f------ sucks’

The Wizards have now lost seven of eight games and in this one went down by as many as 36. When asked for the mood in the locker room as they navigate a low point, Montrezl Harrell didn’t pull any punches. “It sucks, bro. That’s the mood of the team. It [expletive] sucks. Coming in here and teams are basically beating our [expletive] from start to finish. So, it sucks, man,” Harrell said. “Nobody likes losing. Everyone in our locker room is competitive-minded people and love to compete and get after it. But it just sucks right now because over the last eight games we’ve played, we lost seven of them. That’s tough for anybody to withstand or have on their plate. So, that’s the energy in the room right now, it just [expletive] sucks.”

Harrell seemed to suggest the Wizards lack energy and effort. He is known for those things, but lately there have been complaints by head coach Wes Unseld Jr. and others about a lack of urgency. Harrell seems to be particularly bothered by it. “I don’t know, but I’m tired of hearing the energy thing, bro. If you can’t energize yourself or fire yourself up to be able to come here to play the game of basketball, bro, which is your job and you make a lot of money to do it, brother, then you’re in the wrong field, man. I’m tired of hearing that,” Harrell said.

The Wizards recently made outgoing calls assessing Harrell’s trade value, while Bryant has played in their last nine games—starting twice—after not seeing action all season. Rival teams believe Washington is showcasing Bryant ahead of the deadline. The Pacers front office was high on Hachimura ahead of the 2019 draft, sources said, while Indiana was also considering Gonzaga’s Kispert at No. 13 before selecting Chris Duarte, which allowed the Wizards to draft Kispert two picks later.

explained why the Brooklyn Nets could throw a wrench in their plan. “It came really strong over the weekend; I know Shams Charania and Fred Katz also reported it at The Athletic, so it clearly got around the league and is something that’s been rumored and talked about,” Fischer said. “But I’m not so sure if it’s entirely happening right now. It doesn’t sound like there’s much interest from Brooklyn in this current state to take back Kyle Kuzma or Montrezl Harrell in a sign-and-trade, and that’s a necessary piece that would have to happen in order for Washington to get Spencer Dinwiddie at a number that is more than the mid-level… I just don’t think the book is shut and the chapter is closed on Spencer Dinwiddie to Washington. But I do still think there’s absolutely mutual interest.”

Alas, ESPN’s Marc Spears indicated that a Russell Westbrook sign-and-trade with Washington could be a possibility, and Charania indicated that a Buddy Hield deal might be in the works with Sacramento. Of all the scenarios for a supporting player believed to be in play, one source to the situation indicated the Hield deal — which would involve forward Kyle Kuzma and would also likely require Lakers forward Montrezl Harrell to opt in to the final year of his deal (worth $9.7 million) and be included — appears the most promising thus far.

Lakers shopped Dennis Schroeder and Montrezl Harrell last month due to uncertainty about their fit

The roster moves that looked so good in November, winning raves for the Lakers’ front office, haven’t panned out. Dennis Schröder and Montrezl Harrell have not proved capable of pinch-carrying the Lakers during the regular season when James and Davis are unavailable. I believed, as resolutely as the Lakers, that they would be, but Schröder and Harrell tend to be more concerned with their own scoring than anything else. When the Lakers explored the trade market for both last month, it seemed to confirm their own uncertainty about the fit.

He is likely to command at least triple his current $6 million salary this summer, which, as it stands now, would push the Clippers into the luxury tax. While Harrell embodies the hard-nosed ethos owner Steve Ballmer grew to admire as a Detroit Pistons fan in his youth, the prospect of having him leave for nothing in return or being financially handcuffed for the foreseeable future could influence the Clippers’ deadline strategy, several opposing executives say.
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