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During Monday’s 116-108 win against the Atlanta Hawks, they found that out when Myles Turner suffered a broken nose and couldn’t return. His status for 2019 has yet to be determined though coach Nate McMillan is optimistic he’ll be available for the start of a five-game road trip that begins Jan. 4 at the Chicago Bulls. “The hope is that he doesn’t have a concussion but he can play with a broken nose,” McMillan said. “You just put a mask on, but if there is a concussion that’s something a little different.” Turner will be re-evaluated Tuesday and receive a mask to protect the injury.

Indiana Pacers center Myles Turner underwent successful surgery Monday afternoon to repair a chip fracture in his left thumb, sustained during the first half of last Wednesday night’s game at Boston. The surgery was performed at OrthoIndy Hospital by hand surgeon Dr. Tim Dicke. Turner is expected to miss six weeks.
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When Chris Paul strolled into Chesapeake Energy Arena wearing a bright orange Langston University hat, Langston point guard Keeto Browne remembers his phone buzzing as pictures popped across social media. Four months later, Oklahoma’s only historically black college or university is still buzzing after Paul’s show of support. “It made me feel like HBCUs in general were more important than what the public eye sees,” Browne said. “Everyone was just happy to see that. That’s the best way I can explain it … happiness to see we’re being supported as a community and as a school.”
Paul went to Wake Forest, but several of his family members attended HBCUs. The Chris Paul Family Foundation donated $50,000 last April to Winston-Salem State, an HBCU in Paul’s North Carolina hometown. “They don’t always get the same funding that a lot of other schools get,” Paul said, “so I try to bring a lot of that knowledge to the forefront because it’s education.”
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Cuban doubled down on his disapproval of NBA officiating and of the decision yesterday on SiriusXM NBA radio. He also said that he thought there was a “good chance” the team would win the protest and the final seconds of the game would be replayed. “Everybody presumes that there’s no chance you ever win a protest, but I think we have a really good chance,” Cuban said.
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February 26, 2020 | 4:28 pm EST Update
“You get into the heat of the battle and between players when you guys are talking, you talk smack sometimes, right? And that’s all it was,” LaVine told ESPN, after ending with 41 points. “We were still down. Dude was talking a little mess to me and I just let him know ‘Look, I’ve got 40, I don’t know why you’re talking to me,'” he added. “I don’t know why they said they thought I was talking to Jim but it was just people being competitive in the game talking.”
He gets upset when inaccurate news is shared instead of his highlights or in-game plays. “That stuff sells with what’s happened before,” LaVine said. “Between a player and coach, I don’t think anybody should ever think it’s going to be buddy buddy or best friends. You have mutual respect and obviously, when you have two competitive people out there, they just want the best, you want to win, and we haven’t been in a winning situation yet so I think people get frustrated but at the end of the day, me and Jim talked. We have player-coach meetings and we’re in a good place right now,” he added. “It’s unfortunate that it got misconstrued but it was just between two players out there just having fun with the game.”
February 26, 2020 | 3:55 pm EST Update
Irving (shoulder) and Durant (Achilles) will both be coming off significant injuries, but next season is going to come with championship expectations regardless. “I think I’ll just prepare like I’ve always prepared,” said Atkinson, who signed a multi-year contract extension with Brooklyn in April 2019. “I think that changes things, but I have enough confidence in myself and my staff that we’ll prepare the guys correctly, and we don’t talk about wins and losses. The results will come if we follow this process we’ve followed all along. So keep doing that. Why change?”
Atkinson certainly got a taste of what’s to come while essentially being the team spokesman as Irving missed 26 straight games due to a right shoulder impingement. The organization was criticized at the time for a lack of transparency. “That’s a new challenge for me because I think I’m more sensitive to saying the wrong thing,” Atkinson said. “In the beginning, [the media] didn’t really care that much if I slipped up. And that puts you a little more on edge but also makes you a little more prepared. But in general basketball is basketball.”
“I just want to coach. That’s the comfort zone,” Atkinson said. “What you do have to deal with with those guys a little bit more is they have opinions — and really good opinions most of the time. At practice, Ky or KD might say, ‘Why don’t we do it this way?’ Some coaches can be sensitive to that. I’m OK with it. This is the next step in my development, coaching a team with more veterans.”